Discover Archaeometry


Archaeometry represents the interface between archaeology and the natural and physical sciences.

Berkely Archaeological X-Ray Flourescence Laboratory
The website provides information about analysis of geoarchaeological material.

Ancient Technologies and Archaeological Materials (ATAM)
Research program of the University of Illinois. Newsletter, seminars, and the International Symposium on Archaeometry. The wesite provides news and information about archaeometry conferences, training in archaeometry, teaching archaeometry, archaeometry bibliographies, and archaeometry laboratories.

Society for Archaeological Sciences
A forum for communication among scholars applying methods from the physical sciences to archaeology and to aid the broader archaeological community in assessing the potentials and problems of those methods. Links to many archaeometry sources, society officers and publications, and a related mailing list.

Midcontinental Archaeometry Working Group
Archaeometry research group specializing in geoarchaeology, sourcing, and paleodietary and paleoclimatic studies of archaeological materials from sites in the mid-continental United States.