Radiocarbon Web Info
This website is designed to provide online information concerning the radiocarbon dating method from from Tom Higham, Radiocarbon Laboratory, University of Waikato, New Zealand.

Radiocarbon, an international journal of radiocarbon and other isotope dating. Article indexes; sales of subscriptions and back issues.

Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory
The Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory is part of the National Isotope Centre of the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences and has a long history in radiocarbon dating. Since 1986 it has operated an accelerator mass spectrometry facility, the first installed in the Southern Hemisphere.

Stone Age Reference Collection
Stone Age Reference Collection (SARC) has been developed for the teaching department of the Institute of Archaeology(I.A.K.K.) at the University of Oslo, Norway. A reference program containing information about the typology, technology and raw materials and of the Stone Age.

Geoarchaeology: An International Journal
The journal presents work at the methodological and theoretical interface between archaeology and the earth sciences, publication guidelines and examples of recent articles.

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