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Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Founded in 1866 by George Peabody, it is one of the oldest museums in the world devoted to anthropology. History, departments, collections, galleries, events, staff.

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
The Kelsey Museum houses a collection of nearly 100,000 objects from the civilizations of the Mediterranean. Sponsors archaeological fieldwork involving University of Michigan faculty, staff, and students.

Michael C. Carlos Museum: Ancient Egyptian Art
Michael C Carlos Museum website exhibits nnline sample of the permanent collection of the MCCM at Emory University. The website provides information about visiting hours, current and upcoming exhibitions, and an exploration of art and clutures of the world for the young people.

The Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology
The University of Memphis Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology home page. Devoted to community education, the institute houses over 150 Egyptian antiquities, including mummies, funerary equipment and objects of everyday life. Several are available for online viewing.

The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology
The University College, London, houses the Egyptian and Sudanese collections of the great archaeologist Flinders Petrie. Visitor information, object digitisation project.

The Egyptian Museum
Official site for the museum in Cairo, which houses over 120,000 objects, including the mummies of Egyptian pharoahs, sarcophagi, sculptures, furniture and personal effects.