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September 1, 1961 in Lowell, MA




Saxophone Jazz
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Boney James the American country singer, musician, and songwriter and his band have announced their latest tour and will be hitting the road with their Boney James North American Tour 2018. The tour will kick off in July 2018. The concert dates for tour has been confirmed and it will kickstart on 20th July in the Horseshoe Casino, Hammond, IN. The fans will get to experience their favorite artist perform and create magic with his biggest chartbusters. The song list will include hits like ‘I’ll Always Love You, ‘The Total Experience’, ‘If I Can’t Hold You’ etc. The artist and his band will be traveling to 28 different cities across the North America. The 2018 tour of the band will come to an end on 31st December in the Rick Braun’s NYE at Starr Pass Resort, Tucson, AZ. The concert tickets for tour are up for sale. The fans are suggested to go through the tour schedule and tickets availability to make their bookings.

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Boney James (born James Oppenheim on September 1, 1961) is an American saxophonist, songwriter, and record producer.Boney James is a four-time Grammy Award nominee (Best Pop Instrumental Album, 2001, 2004, 2014 and Best Traditional R&B Performance, 2009) and a Soul Train Award winner (Best Jazz Album 1998). He has also been honored with two NAACP Image Award nominations for Best Jazz Album. More...



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2013The BeatConcord
2011ContactVerve Forecast
2009Send One Your LoveConcord
2007Christmas PresentConcord
2006ShineJvc Victor
2004PureWarner Bros.
2001RideWarner Bros.
2000Shake It UpWarner Bros.
1999Body LanguageWarner Bros.
1997Sweet ThingWarner Bros.
1996Boney's Funky ChristmasWarner Bros.
1995SeductionWarner Bros.
1993BackboneWarner Bros.
1992TrustWarner Bros.


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38 Responses to “Boney James Tour 2018 Tickets, Dates, Concerts”

  1. Daniel Maline

    cell phone flashes but over all the concert was one of the best we have seen

  2. Jeanmarie Potocki

    Outstanding! Love the way he connects with the listening audience, and has everyone groovin and movin!

  3. Venetta Mundy

    This is my 3rd time seeing Boney and he never disappoints.

  4. Dirk Carnell

    These concerts just keep getting better!
    Brian Culbertson puts on a dynamic show! I was sitting there thinking, boy I would not want to follow him! I had never seen Boney James live but he too was an amazing performer! Their styles are very different but both were ones I woud see again and again!

  5. Earlie Duhon

    Bony put on a show, excellent is the only word that comes to mind. We’re looking forward to seeing him again.

  6. Kathryne Treinen

    Fabulous concert; great venue; great seating; nice staff; and the band was great. Boney played wonderfully and engaged the audience so well. Some of the best music in the business!!

  7. Gerald Silverness

    Venue is far, really far for LA residents. Boney James was awesome, not a bad seat in the house. Drinks are just meh, food was below par. Parking is good but requires a walk for ladies in heels. Costs were affordable but the drive makes you have second thoughts!

  8. Rashida Mahula

    Great concert, both acts were engaging and amazing.

  9. Brain Dydell

    I am a fan of both Boney James and Brian Culbertson, but had never seen either in concert. Brian was the show. He’s talent, entertaining and very engaging. I look forward to seeing him again.

  10. Susana Baldy

    I had never seen these two together on a bill before and the next time they are, you can bet I WILL be in the audience! Now, while I realize that each show is different, this one was one that had us dancing, singing, laughing… the whole thing. Let’s start with Brian, shall we?

  11. Wilfred Peskin

    Boney James was great!! I didn’t want the show to end. I’ll see you again and again.
    Five Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  12. Sybil Baselice

    Unspeakably terrible. I will NEVER go to one of his concerts again because he misrepresented the show to the public. We paid good money to see Boney James & waited through the most AWFUL show for over 3 hours before Boney James decided to grace us with his presence. It was 11 pm by that time & we were angry & tired of waiting to see the concert we paid to see. I have never been to see an artist on the bill as the primary show & been forced to sit through 3 hrs of someone else; I think that is very, very wrong & misleading. We would not have paid one dime to see Raheem Devaughn (I had to go out to the lobby to wait it out), and yet we shelled out $160 for this show because we saw Boney James here once before (after one short opening act) & it was very good, but never again – we can’t trust him now & I wish he would read this & know how his public feels about what he did to us.

  13. Madelyn Barnhouse

    I saw B James and Rick Braun here in Birmingham, AL about 10 or so years ago. Thats right, that long ago, and he still moves me. I still remember the concert. It was at a local college, Samford U. I had a ball!!!. I was up during most of the show, and probably blocked a lot of the show for the poor man behind me. He was a good sport though. He even asked me when were headed out, “You had a good time, didnt you”. I said “Yup for me and you both”. It was absolutely memorable. At one point he and R Braun had a musical “duel” so to speak, right in front of me. They were playing just to ME!!!!

  14. Lane Milare

    An eclectic mix of jazz artists (most of them unknown to us before the show) who were terrific. We got these seats mainly because we were late in getting tix & cared more about the music & Bowl summer experience than needing to ‘see’ the performers (I usually try to get box seats). These seats were terrific for this concert, as the sound was great & we were in a perfect spot to view everything on stage up close & personal on the screen right in front of us. The (new?) wooden benches (with backs!) were extremely comfortable. I preferred these seats to much more expensive, closer-to-stage tickets bought in the past, where you really can’t see the performers well & find yourself watching the screen anyway!

  15. Luella Moul

    While in attendance at the Boney James concert this past weekend at the opening of the Berks Jazz Fest, I was a little disappointed. While Boney Is a great musician his concerts has not changed in the past 4 years. I have seen Boney at the last 3 berks jazz concerts, and in Collingswood, NJ, and on the smooth Jazz cruise 3 times. His music selection and stage performance is the same. Nothing different!. GO Boney! I M also disappointed in his latest CD which I waited in a long line to get his signature at the Berks Jazz Fest 2015. I don’t think I will be taking attending any more concerts for a while after the 2016 Jazz cruise which i have already committed to!

  16. Nestor Spielman

    As a tenor player myself, it was fantastic to see Boney James. I’ve been listening to his music for years. I plan on transcribing one of his solos now. It was great to meet him in person as well. He played many songs from his new album “future sol”. Wow tone, articulation, musicality, all great. I would recommend his concert to anyone. I hope to see him again.

  17. Carolina Tickner

    After attending jazz events around the country for over 30 years, this was over the top.

  18. Denny Latchaw

    The party just got better with each artist. But the finally Ohio Players and Boney James with Eric Bonet was the business. I do believe this is one of the best concerts of the jazz season.

  19. Dani Merisier

    Dame Esco opened the show with Boney James. I had the pleasure of hearing his music for the first time and he was amazing. He did several cover songs such as “Sweet Thang,” “Purple Rain,” and a few others, but he is a classical man at heart and he also played some classical pieces to our delight. I do believe his music is a fusion of classical, pop, soul, and hip hop. Absolutely a joyful experience!

  20. Emilio Rovella

    I am a true Boney James fan! Was not impressed with Morris Day. His band was good. Was surprised to see the pairing. Later informed that Boney James had played with Morris Day when Boney was younger. Glad that we stayed around as he played again during Morris Day’s set. My rating is based on the entire show. Boney alone would have been 5 stars.

  21. Dawn Mullikin

    Boney was Great as usual. But I’m thrilled to have another intimate option other than the arena.

  22. Garrett Hoftiezer

    My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed Boney’s concert at the Wilbur. Great mix of old and new songs. Boney is surrounded by a very talented group of musicians. He certainly knows how to get an audience pumped up. I just ordered his latest CD, The Beat. If you ever get a chance to see Boney James live, you must go.

  23. Jamar Laplume

    Always love attending Boney James concerts. Great performance, very engaging.

  24. Susannah Mintey

    The night started with an incredible jam session with Rick Braun and Richard Elliott and it didn’t stop there.
    Once Boney James came on stage “it was on”. The show has to be one of the best I’ve seen. I took my wife with me to the show and now she is a Boney James fan so that speaks for its self.

  25. Yong Krofta

    Bonnie James played a mix of his old tunes and latest recordings.
    His vocalist band member and his band did a good job of getting the crown roused up, when performing the song ride.

  26. Anthony Plowman

    We had the chance to catch this year’s fest and it was very nice! The summer love tour featuring Alex Bugnon, Jonathan Butler and Norman Brown was cool! However, Alex had issues with his piano and it caused some issues. However, it did not entirely detract from their performance except you could see he was upset as voiced by Jonathan Butler that stopped the music briefly.

  27. Floria Gately

    First time at this venue. Nice facility and Great show!

  28. Wayne Ziesman

    Great show, Boney James is one of the Best. He put on a wonderful show. Have some of his albums and love them.

  29. Amada Cottew

    Enjoyed the show! He’s fun to watch as well as listen to! A bit loud for the small theater tho.

  30. Javier Bergeman

    Two great performances – great way to start the weekend.

  31. Emerson Crow

    I have seen both performers numerous times and I am never disappointed in their performances. I did think that Boney’s set was shorter than expected though.

  32. Maurine Rheinhardt

    Absolutely fantastic!!!! The entire line up and day was awesome! Hope this is the permanent home for this concert. Dumsmuir is a nice venue but the parking stinks!

  33. Avelina Fujimoto

    As they say it’s all in the preparation and here we had lack thereof. We got there early and it was clear that the “roadies” were waaaay behind getting set-up and doing sound checks. The first performers didn’t start until they were almost an hour late and then suffered a couple equipment failures that cost even more time. For every artist reset there was extensive delays that culminated with Boney James only able to play 4 songs which sucked. beautiful night and what music there was , was very good but the coordination efforts ruined it for a lot of people.

  34. Tomas Kollmorgen

    The venue was small and intimate which allowed Boney to connect with his audience! This was the best concert I have attended in my life.

  35. Francisco Tiernan

    Overall the concert was great! The sound was perfect. Brian McKnight was the perfect compliment to Boney James. He was engaging, funny and of course kept the place jumping with his variety of hits past and present.

  36. Ramiro Mccausland

    Boney James started his performance with a BANG! He was energetic throughout the whole 2-hour performance. It actually was what I would consider his best performance to date.

  37. Josefine Maass

    There was no way to sit still in your seat. The vibes were incredible. Thanks Boney!

  38. Ingrid Chean

    This concert was a fabulous outting. Boney James always bring his “A game” when he brings his talents to stage. After seeing his show, itmakes you pull out your Boney James cds and listen to them.


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