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2000s - 2010s


2004 in Dublin, Ireland




Contemporary Celtic
Celtic Pop
Celtic New Age
Celtic Fusion

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Songs from Solo WorksAngel Records
2018Homecoming: Live from IrelandCeltic Woman
2016Voices of AngelsCeltic Woman
2015DestinyCeltic Woman
2014Emerald: Musical GemsBlue Note
2012Silent NightEMI
2012Home for ChristmasAngel Records
2012BelieveEMI Music Distribution
2010Songs from the HeartManhattan Records
2008A Celtic Family ChristmasAngel Records
2007A New JourneyAngel Records
2006A Christmas CelebrationEMI-Manhattan
2005Celtic Woman [Manhattan]Manhattan Records


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15 Responses to “Celtic Woman Tour 2018 Tickets, Dates, Concerts”

  1. Beryl Spencer

    This show was above and beyond what my Husband and I expected. The singing, dancing and the unique musical instruments.

  2. Marcelle Naimoli

    Celtic Woman was a fantastic show. The awesome talent these lovely ladies (and gentlemen) have is smartly showcased in the production. Fantastic show!

  3. Mattie Junod

    Most beautiful, angelic music mixed with lively dance and drums. Amazing performance at a historically beautiful venue!

  4. Malik Ruyle

    Over the years, the performers have changed, but the show is still moving and a high quality. The song selection was particularly good on this tour. A few songs are in Gaelic, but they give a description of it beforehand. I don’t know how they do so many shows – Rosemont was #91. The Rosemont is a very nice, comfortable venue although the parking lot can be tight and subject to delay.

  5. Katherin Ruesch

    The aroma, acoustics, and venue were absolutely amazing and plan on seeing them again when ever they are near

  6. Mack Holesovsky

    Beautiful… Entertaining… Uplifting… Classy… A must see Performance!!! Celtic Woman is a gift to the masses…

  7. Vinita Pares

    It was a great show. I could have sat the rest of the night and watched them

  8. Enoch Bilotti

    Celtic woman homecoming was amazing. Best show. Would recommend everyone see the show.

  9. Euna Lowdermilk

    Wonderful experience! Their hearts shone through the entire evening.
    Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  10. Trent Bueche

    Undisputedly the most talented women in the world! They are very respectful and very graceful. Their performance brings tears to your eyes. An amazing experience. Totally appropriate for children and children at heart.

  11. Reda Vandalsen

    One of the best shows I have ever been to! We took my father-in-law for Father’s Day. He was completely thrilled! I’ve already told many friends how great the show was. The Celtic
    Woman show was outstanding!

  12. Santos Nielson

    This is the second time we have seen them and will attend another concert when they return to Wisconsin. Great show if you like Irish and contemporary folk music.

  13. Charissa Caselli

    This was an absolutely awesome concert. The music was beautiful and the rendition done perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better performance. The time flew by and I was amazed they were done when the end came.

  14. Terisa Kalis

    A must see! Great show! Wonderful venue. I would recommend everyone see this. Angelic voices and beautiful lovely ladies with hearts of gold.

  15. Lasandra Svrcek

    Absolutely amazing show! Everyone involved with the show has amazing talent and was so awesome to be able to watch them live. One of the best shows I’ve ever been too. I would definitely go and see them again.


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