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October 12, 1962 in Portland, OR


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Chris Botti the Italian-American Grammy award winning trumpet player will be hitting the road for his latest Chris Botti North American Tour 2018. The concert dates for this tour have been announced. The tour will kickstart on 20th July in the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach, Newport Beach, CA. The band will travel to 23 different cities across the North America for their tour. The fans will have a good time at the concert as the band is expected to perform live to their greatest hits like ‘The Look Of Love’, ‘When I Fall In Love’, ‘Like I Do Now’ etc. The tour will come to its last stop in Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Nashville, TN on 15th February 2019. The tickets for the upcoming 2018 tour of the artist are up for sale. The fans can refer to the further details on the tour schedule and the tickets availability for making their bookings.

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Christopher Stephen "Chris" Botti (/u02c8bou028ati/ BOH-tee; born October 12, 1962), is an American trumpeter and composer.In 2013, Botti won the Grammy Award in the Best Pop Instrumental Album category, for the album Impressions. He was also nominated in 2008 for his album Italia and received three nominations in 2010 for the live album Chris Botti In Boston. More...



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2009Live in BostonColumbia
2006Live: With Orchestra and Special GuestsSony Music Distribution
2005To Love Again: The DuetsColumbia
2004When I Fall in LoveColumbia
2003A Thousand Kisses DeepColumbia
2001Night SessionsSony Music Distribution
1999Playing by HeartDecca
1999Slowing Down the WorldVerve
1997Midnight Without YouVerve Forecast
1995First WishVerve


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56 Responses to “Chris Botti Tour 2018 Tickets, Dates, Concerts”

  1. Drucilla Baylon

    Chris Botti far exceeded our expectations! His laser focused notes, the obvious collaborative nature of his being, the collection of international class musicians, and the sheer enjoyment of the entire group displayed for all, makes this performance possibly the best overall experience I have had at a concert… and I’m been to a few in the past 40 years.

  2. Darrel Bross

    I laughed, I cried, I clapped, I sighed. OUTSTANDING performance by Chris Botti and looking forward to when he returns to the Staller Center. I’ll be there again.

  3. Lou Tolve

    My husband and I love jazz and decided to try jazz and the symphony. We are now fans of the symphony…loved every minute of the Chris Botti concert. The musicality throughout, ranging from smooth jazz to classical jazz, was brilliant! I’m not a big fan of the trumpet sound but Chris Botti draws me in and takes me to a place where I don’t want to leave. BEST concert ever!

  4. Shayne Darvile

    World class playing from everyone in the band, I would highly recommend this to anyone to experience who is into music. Chris Botti and company are world class musicians and I would say they are some of the best performers of their instruments in the world.

  5. Darius Feramisco

    Probably our 15th time to see him, it seems to get better every time. He, and his musical guests exude class.

  6. Tara Lacusky

    Saw his show at the Wilbur Theater in Boston. Easy to park…dinner nearby. Very comfortable seats. Sound is incredible in this relatively small theater. Cozy dinner seating down front. Botti is a great show. He hits every note perfectly when he wants. Can play great standard jazz…then instantly crank it up to burn down the house rock n roll. His band is excellent…good interplay with everybody. He is a great showman and always invite a child on stage to play the drums. Check out his music on youtube….then find a live show. You will not be disappointed.

  7. Dalton Cancio

    Every musician on stage was incredible! Chris is not only an amazing musician, he is a great entertainer. He took the time to speak with my grandson, who plays trumpet, after the show. I highly recommend seeing his performance if you get the chance.

  8. Fiona Reeder

    Altho I have not seen Chris Botti recently, I have seen him many times over the years
    in NYC & MA.

  9. Joanna Jewkes

    Seeing Chris Botti has been on my bucket list for some time and I am SO happy I was able to finally see him in Atlanta this past weekend. I loved that he interacted with the audience as the other guests did. The ASO was also amazing as were his guests Caroline and Sy. Those two ladies are truly gifted!! I hope he comes back again – it was worth driving thru downtown traffic during rush hour in the ATL.

  10. Zenaida Hibbert

    Had a wonderful time, 1st Symphony and was required to go for my Music Appreciation class. I will be going back!

  11. Hiram Certain

    I have seen Chris Botti many times but his show in Atlanta set new heights for incredible! Entire band was top notch. The Atlanta Symphony was incredible as well!

  12. King Zetina

    Wonderful performance – He is Amazing. The violinist was astounding as well.

  13. Hal Geer

    I am not a big fan of jazz but this is the third time I have seen Chris Botti and will surely see him again. He’s a very good entertainer. He brings others (singers) to perform with him, which is why I like him so much. I don’t really care to listen to bands for 2 hours. I prefer vocals. Chris and his band played several songs by themselves to start the show. He has a female violinist, who he gives special time to and she is amazing. Midway thru the show, he brought out a female singer, then a male opera singer. Both had beautiful voices and made the show for me. This show was very similar to the show I saw last year but that was ok because I loved it last year. NJPAC is a beautiful theatre and great venue to see anyone. It’s small enough that there are no bad seats – other than the 4th tier. The seats aren’t bad for viewing but the sound is not good on that tier. Parking across the street was $20 – a big jump from the $13 fee I remember.

  14. Danial Pursifull

    Botti and his musicians are super talented. He started his concert on time. He let us take pictures and videotape him. He had some of the audience, including kids come on the stage and play with him. This was my third time seeing him and Id buy tickets again. I highly recommend going to his show.

  15. Cristin Praska

    My husband and I both enjoyed the concert. Besides the wonderful Atlanta Symphony, Chris Botti did an amazing job. We have been fans of his for a long time and he did not disappoint us. the two singers that joined him on stage we’re both great and really made the event worth the 65 Mile drive to Atlanta

  16. Melvin Bisonette

    Could listen to Botti all day and his co-performers were amazing too! He’s a great performer and always delivers. We bought his CD and played it as soon as it arrived.

  17. Elvis Winburn

    I bought Chris Botti tickets for my mom and went with her. I have never been a huge fan of jazz music but after hearing Chris live and his wonderful and talented band I have fallen in love.

  18. Milford Shullick

    Great performance. Would love to see him agian with the ASO.

  19. Leesa Evins

    Great show!! Great drummer with him. Would go see anytime

  20. Noe Conte

    Awesome great show, loved his interaction with the audience

  21. Richard Hormuth

    What a pleasure this was, every aspect was incredible. Thank you!!!

  22. Hank Burgdorf

    We drove in to see the concert so had to pick seats based on online reviews. Several indicated “Loge Balcony” best for jazz concerts. After being at Symphony Hall–definitely get seats lower level, close to the stage. We are huge fans of Chris Botti and the trumpet was way too loud in the loge seats. Still a memorable evening and great concert!!

  23. Krissy Logarbo

    The show was terrific as expected. Listening to Chris Botti is an unforgettable event. His musical abilities are amazing as is his range. He is able to sustain high notes that most cannot achieve.

  24. Gabriela Feola

    this is one of the best shows you can see – not only is chris a superstar but his entire band is absolutely remarkable.

  25. Josef Bleak

    The concert was beyond any expectations! Master artists and beautiful selection of music

  26. Edna Kerker

    Absolutely one of my favorite artist. The show is top notch . One of the highlights is that Chris Botti doesn’t try to steal the show. He lets all the artist shine. Lee Pearson is an unbelievable drummer. Caroline Cambell also put on a great performance with her unbelievable skill on the violin

  27. Clyde Tomblinson

    Chris Botti never disappoints. We make every effort to see his show whenever he comes to Atlanta. His entire band is amazing.

  28. Ronni Nalevanko

    Chris puts on such an enjoyable show, engages with the audience, so personable and his talent and those of the other performers on stage wth him are second to none!! Highly recommend seeing him!!!

  29. Ona Mclear

    such an awesome show, definitely worth every penny!

  30. Ivory Masingale

    Absolutely amazing concert. Chris was first rate. His band was unbelievable. Just a wonderful evening with the wife. If I had one thing to pick on it would have been the sound of the piano. Probably should have raised the cover on it. The piano player was amazing, but the sound was muffled.

  31. Lieselotte Langer

    Chris Botti is an excellent collaborator who always brings superb talent to the show. Wish there was a program at the show or online so we could remember each of the people he had with him.

  32. Gary Amonette

    All the musicians were exceptional. Chris Botti is an awesome performer.
    Very down to earth and personable. He brought a young local musician up on stage and let him sit in with band! I’m sure that is a night he will never forget.
    Truly was a very entertaining event!

  33. Collin Lautt

    This was the 5th time to hear Chris Botti in person and more enjoyable than ever!!! Our seats in Symphony Hall were 5 rows from the stage and in the middle. We could see great but being that close, the sound was not as consistently good as a little farther back (we have witnessed that before).

  34. Jarred Grass

    Chris Botti didn’t disappoint. The concert was one of the best I’ve seen.

  35. Herminia Puccio

    We’ve attended Chris Botti shows in Sapporo (Japan) and Medford (Oregon). His shows are consistently exciting. He and his band members interact with the audience, and exude passion in their art. They allow you to photograph and video-record their performances. The live concerts are totally different experiences from listening to their songs on a CD or MP3 file.

  36. Sandy Sakasegawa

    Botti made the most of a non-intimate venue. The sound system was good and he came off the stage and played down the aisle shaking hands n talking to folks. All of his group musicians–violin, piano, DRUMS, guitar, singers–were the best I’ve ever heard. There were some surprises for the audience and it was a wonderful night.

  37. Johnnie Hady

    Chris puts together the best of the best. It was a wonderful evening. I went again the next night!

  38. Sha Rimson


  39. Gil Bourns

    The concert was amazing, awesome, and fabulous. There were so many different performances – trumpet, drums, piano, singers, guitars..
    We were totally surprised and loved it all. I would go back the next time Chris is in town.

  40. Maxima Sanzotta

    We heard Botti several years ago and LOVED the concert. But this time he had a mic and reverb. Distortion was an issue. A fine trumpeter like Botti needs no mic! His support musicians were amazing. But overall too loud and distorted by amplification.

  41. Tyler Divers

    Chris playing with the symphony was magical. I think he has the best drummer in the world playing with him.

  42. Everett Few

    I had no idea when I purchased the tickets for this show I would be enjoying not only Chris’s musical talents, but also many other talented artists. In addition to the extraordinarily talented pianist, bassist (both upright and bass guitar), drummer, keyboarder, and Brazilian guitarist, there were also an extraordinarily talented violinist, an Italian tenor, and a female vocalist. This group had the audience involved from beginning to end! REAL FUN TIME!!!

  43. Percy Ridling

    Outstanding performance by Chris Botti along with his musical guests.
    Very entertaining and professional. Great performance for over two hours. Highly recommended.

  44. Winford Palovick

    Attended my 12th performance of Mr. Botti and his 3rd in Reading, PA. The first time was at the Berks Jazzfest in 2005. It was really disappointing that there were some empty seats. I met 2 couples that had never seen him in concert and afterward they were highly impressed.
    After many years of success with Steven Foster, Sting, Andrea Boccelli and many other big names and PBS performances, one would think that he would have sold out in Reading. The best is when he encourages young people to pursue their music. In the future, I will personally promote the opportunity to see him live in concert.

  45. Augustine Aja

    Amazing musician! Could listen to him forever. Great show. His back-up musicians were also amazing. So much talent to appreciate. Just wish he came to the area more often!

  46. Walter Dempsey

    The whole show was amazing and there was not a bad seat in the theater

  47. Jackie Cocopoti

    Not worth the $86 I spent for each ticket. Chris didn’t play any of his old stuff. Loved him
    In the past but not anymore. There were a few good moments but I think his fans would be better off listening to a CD .

  48. Carmina Nicoson

    Entire ensemble was excellent. Drummer, piano player and guitarist easily could have their own shows. Chris Botti, in addition to being an extraordinary trumpet player, engages the audience for the entire performance. I would like to see the two vocalists sing a duet even though they have such distinctive styles. I’d also like to see Chris do a few Gershwin tunes.

  49. Juan Spurrier

    Chris invited everyone in the back to move forward due to an abundance of open seats. He was an amazing performer, and even invited a young local to join the band on stage for a song! Have nothing but great things to say about the venue and the performer!

  50. Ahmad Funderberg

    Second time seeing Chris Botti in concert and both times were quite amazing. He is a great performer and the musicians he surrounds himself with is World class talent. Looking forward to next time he comes to our area.

  51. Twanna Einwalter

    Chris Botte was his usual amazing self. His backup musicians were fantastic. The drummer was sensational. He alone was worth the price of admission.. Couldn’t say enough about the drummer, base player and jazz pianist with Chris. He also had a singer that reminded of Ella Fitch Geraldine or Sarah Vaughan. Also had a lovely tenor on one song. It was a balanced show and I was thrilled to be there.

  52. Davida Hoopii

    Chris was so professional, personal and down to earth at this show. He even encouraged photos, tweets and messaging during the show. By the end we were all standing. At times it was intimate just a duo with the horn and piano, other times it was “Smoking” and true “Jam session”

  53. Johnna Brubeck

    Chris Botti is likely the best trumpeter alive!!! If you’ve never been to one of his shows GO!! World class performance that hits you down deep. LOVE IT!!!!

  54. Madlyn Dueno

    Very happy!!! The whole show was just perfection!!

  55. Man Kover

    If you haven’t made your way to NJPAC, you are missing out. The size is perfect and the acoustics are stellar.

  56. Eldridge Hottle

    A night my wife and I will always remember and treasure as part of our annual anniversary celebration. The entire band is so outgoing and charismatic. Truly a joy to be around, not to mention the inspiring and deeply moving music. Plus, Loved that Pizza Sy!


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