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August 27, 1969 in Athens, GA




Country Rap
Contemporary Country

Colt Ford the American country singer and songwriter and his cast will be hitting the road in their latest Colt Ford North American 2018. The North American Tour 2018 dates have been confirmed. The tour will kick off in September 2018. The concert dates for tour has been confirmed and it will kickstart on 20th July in the Tarheel, Jacksonville, NC. The fans will get to experience their favorite band perform and create magic with their biggest chartbusters. The song list will include hits like ‘She Likes To Ride In Trucks’, ‘No Trash In My Trailer’, ‘Crank It Up’ etc. The artist and his band will be traveling to 37 different cities across the North America. The 2018 tour of the band will come to an end on 30th November in Kegs Canalside, Jordon, NY. The concert tickets for tour are up for sale. The fans are suggested to go through the tour schedule and tickets availability to make their bookings.

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Jason Farris Brown (born August 27, 1970) known professionally as Colt Ford, is an American country music artist, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, and former professional golfer best known for his music fusing country and hip hop, which has beem categorized as "country rap". He has released six albums via Average Joes Entertainment, which he co-founded. Ford has charted six times on the Hot Country Songs charts and co-wrote (with Brantley Gilbert) "Dirt Road Anthem", a song on his 2008 album Ride Through the Country, which Jason Aldean later covered on his My Kinda Party album. More...



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2017Love Hope FaithAverage Joe's
2014Thanks for ListeningAverage Joe's
2013Ride Through the Country RevisitedAverage Joe's
2012Declaration of IndependenceAverage Joe's
2011Every Chance I GetAverage Joe's
2010Mud DiggerAverage Joe's
2010Chicken & BiscuitsAverage Joe's
2009Country Is as Country DoesAverage Joes Entertainment Group
2009Live from Suwannee River JamAverage Joe's
2008Ride Through the CountryAverage Joe Records


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27 Responses to “Colt Ford Tour 2018 Tickets, Dates, Concerts”

  1. Klara Adjutant

    he put on 1 heck of a show!!! cant wait to c him again!!!

  2. Nigel Sweers

    Love Colt and all members of his band except the women in the short dress. I thought her voice sounded at times like Minnie Mouse. Colt really would do much better without her in the group. Her tendency to almost touch herself was tacky, audience folks even started throwing dollar bills at her as if a striper was on stage.

  3. Jermaine Perillo

    The show was amazing! Probably best concert we’ve seen. So much fun from beginning to end. Already looking for the next show in our area. Both opening acts, Bush Hawg & Cornfield Mafia, were great. 8 Seconds Saloon was the perfect venue for Colt Ford.

  4. Matt Tutterow

    This was one of the best shows I ever seen I would love to see colt play more often in Indiana his music is awesome

  5. Rodney Lickert

    The artists were great!! They went over and above expectations. The event staff left alot to be desired!! From the guys out front directing cars to the guys inside. We waited in line to see an artist, got almost to the front and was moved to the other side to start all over. Once we got to the front again everyone was moved back to the other side. I was so frustrated I gave up meeting him. Very poor staff!!!!

  6. Leif Larimore

    Awesome worth every penny him and the rest of his show are definitely there for the fans

  7. Minh Rois

    The Colt Ford show was one of the best concerts I’ve been to! The venue wasn’t the best, but it was perfect size for the show! I was kinda disappointed that there wasn’t more people there to show Colt the NW Ohio love…..but the couple hundred there made sure he knew!! Don’t miss the next opportunity! I hope to see Colt back in Toledo SOON!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dwain Gabisi

    the Colt Ford concet was great, he interacted with the crowd and gave a great performace. I would llove to see another of his concerts

  9. Gilbert Fluty

    They put on a h**l of a show! Sounded true to cd’s. They Entertained not just sang.

  10. Ariel Sterger

    Great show at Altar Bar! Crowd loved him, and sang all best songs!

  11. Monroe Montagne

    This was one of the best concerts I have ever been to!!

  12. Ezra Chajon

    I was in the front the whole time..loved the show…Colt is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Palmira Tasch

    Colt Ford is very talented and very fun on stage. His band was also great, including that cute girl he had as a back up singer, and the fiddle player. The electric and bass guitar players were great, and the drummer rocked out. I would recommend this show to anyone. My friends and I had a lot of fun.

  14. Rocco Peeters

    This was our first family concert all together. My thirteen year old daughter had a blast she got to touch the drummers hand and touch Colt Ford’s hand and got his autograph. My seventeen year old son was amazed with Colt Ford and his band. We like his music. We are froma little town inLouisiana with alot of DIRT ROADS.

  15. Mariam Laich

    Colt’s shows are always fantastic but I was worried about standing all night. It wasn’t a problem..Tons of energy from the opening acts to the last note. The venue (8 Seconds Saloon) was fantastic also. Staff were down to earth and treated eveyone with respect. This was my second show there and it’s a five hour drive. Worth every mile.

  16. Katheleen Litle

    Show was awsome. Colt Ford is the way america should be. Hard work, god, family and america and if you don’t like that get the hell out.

  17. Cornelia Cerqueira

    I loved Colt Ford… Opening bands were awesome he was awesome! He did autographs! Loved it!!

  18. Vicente Marples


  19. Geraldine Steffenhagen

    I would recommend to everyone, if they have a chance to see Colt Ford to do it!!!

  20. Shandi Hiscox

    This is the first time seeing Colt Ford in concert and it was great. All of the band members are so talented and Colt himself sounded better in concert than on a cd. We all had a great time and the show was also entertaining and fun as well as the songs sounding awesome. I would recommend Colt Ford to anyone who has country in their soul, he is truly amazing! Best time we ever had at a concert!!

  21. Jessie Sones

    i’ve been to see colt ford four times in the last year and if i get a chance to see him again i will be there. i go to a lot of live shows and really enjoy the excitement the crowd can add to the shows, in this case the house of blues crowd did just that. i think the show was better because the performers got pumped up by the response of the crowd. for this ol redneck…colt ford is a “good time”.

  22. Bradford Piechocki

    Awesome concert, Both opening acts were good, even bought one of the cd’s

  23. Tomika Curbelo

    Bush Hawg was awesome!!! Colt Ford was fun and David St. Romain, as always, very entertaining! This was our first time hearing Bush Hawg’s music and we absolutely loved it!!! My new favorite band!!!

  24. Logan Petek

    Colt Ford is awsome! The band is really good and all the members of the band are so talented! Sunny Ledford was there also and he is great. There are no bad seats in the Pageant. Very intimate setting, but there was still a dance floor right in front of the stage. People were dancing and singing to every song. One of the best concerts I have been to. He was definitely “Mr. Goodtime!”

  25. Hilary Ascensio

    The Cornfield Mafia was great. Loved everything that they had played.
    Bush Hawg was great. Enjoyed them alot.
    Colt Ford was awsome. Can’t wait to see him again in concert. I hope that they bring him back to the Eight Second Saloon.

  26. Waylon Twitty

    Colt ford was amazing! He is definately worth the time and money to go see him.

  27. Ermelinda Negus

    Not a good show. Colt Ford was on stage for just about an hour and 20 minutes of that was having his band do solos. He played about 7 songs. I would not go again.


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