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July 22, 1940 in Kannapolis, NC





The music legend George Clinton will be hitting the road with the George Clinton North American Tour 2018. The schedule for the tour has been announced. The tour will be commencing on 12th July in the Clyde Theatre, Fort Wayne, IN. The popular artist will be performing live with his band in 13 cities of the North America. The fans are excited about the musician’s upcoming tour as they will get a chance to experience some of the best tracks of the legend. The expected song list includes hits like ‘Wars Of Armageddon’, ‘Better By The Pound’, ‘Not Just Knee Deep’ etc. The 2018 tour of the performer will come to a close on 15th September in the SAP Center, San Jose, CA. The concert tickets for the tour is up for sale. Fans can refer to the details like tour schedule and tickets availability to ensure they do not miss out on the action.

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George Edward Clinton (born July 22, 1941) is an American singer, songwriter, bandleader, and record producer. His Parliament-Funkadelic collective (which primarily recorded under the distinct band names Parliament and Funkadelic) developed an influential and eclectic form of funk music during the 1970s that drew on science-fiction, outlandish fashion, psychedelic culture, and surreal humor. He launched a solo career in 1981, and would go on to influence 1990s hip-hop and G-funk. More...



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20129CD Baby
2008George Clinton and His Gangsters of LoveShanachie
2006Take It to the StageMusic Avenue
2004500,000 Kilowatts of P-Funk PowerFruit Tree
1997Live & Kickin'Intersound
1997George Clinton's Bag 'O' FunkDisky
1996Testing PositiveA E M Record Group
1996Series 1Castle Music Ltd.
1994Sample Some of Disc, Sample Some of D.A.T., Vol. 3AEM
1993Hey Man, Smell My FingerPaisley Park
1993Sample Some of Disc, Sample Some of D.A.T., Vol. 1AEM
1989The Cinderella TheoryPaisley Park
1986Mothership Connection (Live from the Summit, Houston, Texas)Capitol
1986R&B Skeletons in the ClosetCapitol
1985Some of My Best Jokes Are FriendsCapitol
1983You Shouldn't-Nuf Bit FishCapitol
1982Computer GamesCapitol
1974The George Clinton Band ArrivesABC Music


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53 Responses to “George Clinton Tour 2018 Tickets, Dates, Concerts”

  1. Cristopher Trinklein

    Great experience! I would definitely pay for the opportunity for so many musical artists. George Clinton and the meet and greet is something I’ll remember forever… and have the picture to prove it!

  2. Toney Simokat

    It was ok. We had meet n greet so We didn’t get laminates, no official merchandise or autographed picture like it was said we would get. Standing room so no specific seating like it said.

  3. Willard Kratky

    First-It was amazing to have all the oldies but GOODIES in one place and for a great price; nonetheless, with the Primary photo for ads and the driving force behind sales (and the shows hype) being on P-Funk he went on in the middle of the event AND IN THE DAYlight and Cameo closed the show (red cup and all) I was able to bet the rush of traffic (so THANKS for that bit of greatness). I was left wanting more but so many acts and so little time but it was a great end to a great summer!

  4. Billy Niksich

    Non stop funk for 3 hours
    The band was tight, the background singers were not only beautiful but crazy good and George Clinton was the glue.
    It was a very memorable show

  5. Erik Hsun

    An amazing show at a great venue with great people! George and Parliament played a high energy unforgettable show. The Vetter Stone is a beautiful place to watch a show and the people there were all really great.

  6. Alice Schweiker

    At 75, this manis funk history. Great show, amazing crowd. Hours of music and entertainment by a legend

  7. Hunter Lumbra

    The venue was very nice and parking was included with the ticket price. We got a 2 for 1 special so decided to buy better seats. Our seats were fantastic! For me, the best act was Big Daddy Kane!! He looked amazing and performed wonderfully! The guy can rap! He also did a back flip into two splits! I’d definitely see him live again! I also enjoyed Whodini! Parliament Funkadelic put on a short show, which disappointed me. Cameo was really good, too. I didn’t care for The Mary Jane Girls but enjoyed their Rick James tribute. Slick Rick was really disappointing. I still had a blast though and Big Daddy Kane and Whodini were worth it! I also liked the all-white attire theme. It was so cool seeing that sea of white. I’d definitely come to this venue again and I’d definitely check out another concert perhaps with a few different artists. The show brought back so many memories of high school. Old school rap still sounds good! Funk is forever!!

  8. Rickey Fargnoli

    This was one of the very best concerts I’ve ever been too. The music was outstanding and we had some great seats.

  9. Antoine Kampmann

    The funk mob of old have but disappeared as the quality of music with the passing of Gary Shider, and Bernie Worrell. No Mike Hampton, Kidd Funkadelic to play Maggot Brain, but Blackbird McKnight did ok. Only one horny horn trying his best to keep it on the one. Most songs ended abruptly with group members looking astonished. Half the group were youngsters who had no musical input but stood on stage singing the hooks to songs. Maybe because I see Pfunk almost yearly since 1989 that I notice the quality drop off annually. But most patrons were leaving early, maybe because it was New Years night or they were not feeling it like me.

  10. Jonah Primack

    This was an amazing concert, 3 rows from the stage this took me back to being in junior high/highschool with all the groups Whoodini, Mary Jane Girls, Slick Rick, George Clinton, Big Daddy Kane, and Cameo. They even had a comedian as the MC, this was a great labor day celebration all white party and concert. I would love a line up like this again next year!!!

  11. Carol Lickness

    It was a very good 2 hour set. You can tell the members of the entourage are accomplished performers and musicians and have been doing this for awhile-it showed. They played a very energetic set incorporating classics and newer hip-hop songs. Everyone in the band participated as solo artists and George is a great leader. You can tell he’s been in the game a long time. They encourage the audience to participate and this is like the 5th time in my life I’ve seen George and P-Funk perform. His artists and guests may change but, I’ve NEVER been disappointed at a P-Funk show!
    I’d go see them again!

  12. Lynelle Ducharme

    I understand we are all older…I appreciated CAMEO George Clinton/Parliament coming!! I especially thought that George Clinton and crew going to Detroit for a freebee was so thoughtful…but uhhhh, this show was sorry to say the least. He could have sat down the whole concert and it would have been good to see him anyway. It seemed that there was no organization as to what to sing and in no kind of musical entertaining order. wth was wrong?
    CAMEO….THE GUY WITH THE RED CUFF ON HIM MAY NEED MEDICAL ATTENTION…GET SOME BEFORE YOU COME ON THE STAGE AGAIN. PLEASE…I am not a fan of rapping but I guess the rest of the crowd was good with it..I took a nap. I’ve attended a “TON” of concerts over the years and this was one of the WORST

  13. Amina Chandley

    Gc has still got it! Funkadelic never disappoints! Always a great performance.

  14. Hugo Balaam

    Best concert I’ve been to in a very long time. Had me up the whole concert. Enjoyed all of the acts

  15. Minh Albert

    Amazing show Ain’t nothing like the FUNK Its the best

  16. Harrison Wolski

    I did not like the way the groups were arranged. Whodini was first to come out i felt one of the other groups should have been first. Big daddy came out last and i felt George Clinton should have been last.

  17. Markus Alls

    I wanted to hear Parliament Funkadelic’s old hits. This is an updated show that features new rock and rap music with a sprinkling of the old music. The sound quality was not that good. Voices were distorted.

  18. Saran Dearstyne

    Big Daddy Kane wasn’t a fit for the night with the other performances.

  19. Marx Hema

    We enjoyed the location and the manner in which entry was conducted. The crowd around us were extremely friendly and enjoyable. Music was ok but they focused too much on extended guitar solos. Really took many of the crowd out of the moment and resulted with MANY attendees leaving early. Too bad as I love George’s concerts. Hoping for better next time.

  20. Rupert Corriere

    P-Funk Fan for Life!!! Best Concert!!! Glad I was able to make it.

  21. Luise Tako

    I saw the show and was floored by how good it was. What I liked the most was how the band pulled off the show without too much light show. It was just a fun dive into Clinton’s discography coupled with great musicianship on the part of the band. He even pulled out a couple of songs I’d forgotten about. Please go see the show. It was a great way to spend a late spring evening with other fans of funk.

  22. Adell Gulick

    It is a fun show to go to. He children and grandchildren are a great addition to the show!

  23. Marlin Omalley

    We saw George Clinton and pfunk on July 28 at the vintage Neptune Theater in Seattle’s University District.

  24. Shantell Marrello

    This was the most disappointing concert event I can even imagine. George Clinton’s grandchildren have shamed his reputation as an artist.

  25. Kristina Lambros

    Outstanding I would pay to see it again Sir Nose
    Brides Funkstine.

  26. Delcie Batman

    Perhaps it was where we were being seated because the music sounded like a bunch of noise with young people doing the singing instead of George Clinton. My husband fell asleep and he didn’t even drink!

  27. Jess Arehart

    Amazing show at an excellent venue, Not a bad spot in the place. And yes, George still brings it!
    Also, the (regular) opener, The NEPHROCK All Stars, were perfect for revving the crowd up in anticipation of the P-Funk!

  28. Nolan Doren

    We saw a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band in an intimate venue, up close and personal! FIVE STARS!

  29. Beula Aveles

    That brought the house down once again!!! Clinton has a new generation of Funkateers and they were phenomenal.

  30. Caitlyn Rizzo

    He had a younger group with him. He wasn’t really flashy like I expected but I loved the music.

  31. Ray Dormaier

    Awesome concert. Great crowd. Great Energy. Amazing food

  32. Chauncey Mcelvain

    The concert started out good with Atomic Dog and went downhill from there. He spent too much time covering other peoples songs. There was a very long solo by the lead guitarist that had me thinking I was at a Pink Floyd concert. I went to the concert to listen to what George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic put out over the years, not what is currently being done by other artists.

  33. Lucie Aron

    Totally not what I expected George Clinton did not actually perform, he had someone singing for him. Then there were additional acts that were so unbearable we left!

  34. Elvin Yzquierdo

    Surprised my husband for our anniversary. We had a blast!! Met other Funkadelic Relics and bonded over the love for the music.

  35. Deana Rauco

    This was a fun show. From start to finish. Lots of energy and great songs. George is old. But man he seems to like what he does. Parliament loves what they do and compliment George Clinton perfectly.

  36. Arlie Domin

    Love that old school feeling!! I attend their show every year!

  37. Jenise Deyak

    It was lit!! Atomic Dog!!! Great venue.
    Gawd awful margaritas from the bar. Must have been made with Sprite, 7-up or something. Premium price – low ball drink. Com’on. You can’t go to Meijer’s and buy some Cuervo margarita mix for an $11.50 margarita? How hard is that? Charge me an extra buck if you have to, but give me a proper tasting margarita. Otherwise, why are you selling tequila? Don’t make no sense.

  38. Deanna Brent

    George Clinton is getting older and yet his music or when the young people with him did funk it was good. However the younger folks often switched to almost heavy ? and rap to the point where it lost all funk rhythm and it was not to my tastes. People under 35 may like. I wish they had stuck to funk, rock, or even blues or alternative.

  39. Mara Kothakota

    One of the best lineups of artist ever. Old school hip-hop & old school r&b wow. Cameo and Parliment were amazing and although the artist are aging they found artist to sing their parts it was great.

  40. Eldridge Deleppo

    Enjoy myself with my son, Uncle, cousin, brother n law, friends and many more!

  41. Marian Ringwood

    I had the dubious pleasure of attending the George Clinton feat. P-Funk Concert on May 25th at the Soundboard. in 1978 I witness the true landing of the Mothership and one of the most unforgettable concerts in my life. This show brought back “some” of those memories. George did his “thang” and the young P-funk Clan was on point. The “Ole Skool” Member that played the solo guitar, during a portion of the show, was excellent. Not many in attendance remember the days of true funk that sounded like a “Jimi Hendrix” re-make, but it struck home for a true “Funkateer” like myself. I was somewhat disappointed with mixing and controlling of the sound techs in the back, due to the fact high feedback from the mic and instruments. None the less, the price, the venue and “FUNK” was “off da chain.” They tore the roof off da Sucka!

  42. Mariann Seajack

    I’m from Cleveland but Akron knows how to party. The Funkadelic came out swinging we had a ball. It was the time of my life everybody had fun. Never seen so many old folks party like that. I hope to enjoy more concerts like this one.

  43. Myrl Lowney

    Best Night of my life. I funked as hard as my dad is long.

  44. Gregg Jojola

    As an acoustic musician, but lover of all great genres, I have to say, if u wanna funkin dance, go see George.

  45. Barry Manolis

    Had a good time and really enjoyed George Clinton.

  46. Angelic Lamphere

    I have never had such a wonderful time in my entire life !!!! Not only did he play for 3 hours . The band and George gave 110% Performance. I would go and see him again, again , and again! He put Poughkeepsie on the map . My husband and I were soooo satisfied !

  47. Brent Zebrowski

    This was a smaller venue, and George & crew needed to crank down the volume. It was so unbelievably loud it was like an assault or torture. I couldn’t tell if the music was as good or great as I expected it to be or not. My wife couldn’t hear for most of the next day. We left after an hour and a half, and wished we had left sooner. Shortly after it began, I went to the restroom and got some paper towels and tore off pieces and stuck them in my ears. That made it barely tolerable. I’ve never been to a concert this loud before. Again, it was a small venue with great acoustics. They should have turned the volume down. I guess they couldn’t see all the people leaving, which wasn’t about the show, but the volume. Visually, it was interesting.

  48. Janessa Styer

    George Clinton & Parliment & Funkadelic outstanding… It was a great concert!!!

  49. Trevor Steinle

    Having never been able to see George Clinton live but being a huge fan of his body of work I was very excited to see this legend live before his ability to perform live had ended. I’ve watched a bunch of his live concerts and noted that recent recordings were not the same lively and passionate entertainer but I was not prepared to see this lion laid so low. George spent most of the concert sitting down on the stage, the supporting cast ended up turning most of the concert into a rap-metal concert and sadly even that was at best sub-par.

  50. Serena Ibara

    we blew the roof off that mutha. Well, actually there is no roof there, but we got the FUNK

  51. Kendall Vanderark

    Great show!!!! On my feet and dancing the entire show!

  52. Royal Elbe

    Strong start opening with Cosmic Slop. Then went into about 30 minutes (3 songs) of new stuff – first two had nice grooves, the third could have left out. As a true fan of the old stuff, play Bop Gun, Funkentelechy, Do That Stuff, etc. The absolute best rendition of Maggot Brain I’ve ever heard – HUGE UPS to Blackbird McKnight! The last 45 minutes of an approximate 3 hour show was on point. They killed it with all the major hits and had the crowd totally rocking.

  53. Houston Genetti

    This show was honestly one of the best shows I have ever been to. The venue was great and the show George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic put on was second to none!!!


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