Glenn Miller Orchestra Newton NJ Tickets, Newton Theatre, Dec 9, 2018, Concert
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Glenn Miller Orchestra Newton Concert Tickets in Dec 9, 2018 at Newton Theatre in 03:00 PM available for sale as part of the announced Glenn Miller Orchestra North American Live Tour 2018. All latest concert dates, tour schedule, setlist, video, reviews and etc you can find at Glenn Miller Orchestra Tour Page.

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Newton Theatre
234 Spring Street
Newton, NJ, US


Glenn Miller and His Orchestra was a swing dance band formed by Glenn Miller in 1938. It was arranged around a clarinet and tenor saxophone playing melody, while three other saxophones played the harmony. This arrangement was different from usual and allowed Miller to develop his own style and sound, which made him and his orchestra one of the greatest and well-known of the swing era. More...



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14 Responses to “Glenn Miller Orchestra Newton NJ Tickets, Newton Theatre, Dec 9, 2018, Concert”

  1. Josiah Strand

    This was my very 1st visit to The Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Center and I was thoroughly impressed! The beautiful venue only added to the wonderful, uplifting performance given by The Glenn Miller Orchestra. My love for Big Band/Swing music was only intensified by the outstanding stage show by the orchestra. I will definitely see them again if and when they return to El Paso.

  2. Leatrice Dula

    Of course, the audience was of a “certain age” . I did see a couple of young women rocking to the oldies. This music style may never make a comeback but it certainly is memorable. I’m glad I was there to hear it one more time!

  3. Reatha Willmott

    We came back after being impressed with last year’s show. This year we missed seeing several aspects from last year’s show. The female duets, the skits, the soldiers in uniform, the dances. I would also want the volume to be raised. I understand how most elderly folks prefer a more subdued ambient sound but some instruments need to be highlighted.

  4. Amado Maditz

    We attend the Glenn Miller show every time they come to Chandler, and we love it! They are always excellent, but this year was the best show we have ever seen! Please, Please, get them to come back next year!!!!

  5. Jarrett Lauser

    This concert was much more than I expected. We were absolutely delighted

  6. Christi Monteleone

    The performance was fabulous. One of the best we have attended for a long time.

  7. Arlen Mcmaken

    Glenn Miller band was wonderful.. played all the Miller hits and a few I didn’t recognize. Sound was great, seats are comfortable..

  8. Edward Dammen

    Fantastic Concert, I would recommend it to everyone.

  9. Nigel Toledano

    I took 2 of my favorite people to see this to celebrate their birthdays, one turned 76 and the other will be 80. They had so much fun, and have repeatedly thanked me for taking them! I was so impressed by the orchestra, the facility, and the people working there.

  10. Claris Stingley

    This is a must see event for anyone who listen to Big Band. A very talented group. Lots of toe tapping and hand clapping. The only thing I would change was the curtains, they should have been opened up more so all members of the band were in view.

  11. Omar Tye

    The concert was sensational, we enjoyed all of their selection very much. We hope that you can bring more concerts like this one to the Convention Center!

  12. Gustavo Hansbrough

    An excellent show group and musicians!! I am looking forward to their returns to Punta Gorda in the future!

  13. Tynisha Cozad

    The concert was thoroughly enjoyable! I can see why my late parents — who were members of The Greatest Generation — enjoyed Glenn Miller’s music so much. This experience gave me a wonderful connection to them!

  14. Elvina Battee

    The performance was terrrrrific


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