Godsmack Tupelo MS Tickets, BancorpSouth Arena, Sep 26, 2018, Concert
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Godsmack Tupelo Concert Tickets in Sep 26, 2018 at BancorpSouth Arena in 07:00 PM available for sale as part of the announced Godsmack North American Live Tour 2018. All latest concert dates, tour schedule, setlist, video, reviews and etc you can find at Godsmack Tour Page.

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BancorpSouth Arena
375 E. Main St.
Tupelo, MS, US


Godsmack is an American rock band from Lawrence, Massachusetts, formed in 1995. The band is composed of founder, frontman and songwriter Sully Erna, guitarist Tony Rombola, bassist Robbie Merrill, and drummer Shannon Larkin. Since its formation, Godsmack has released seven studio albums, one EP (The Other Side), four DVDs, one compilation album (Good Times, Bad Times. More...



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14 Responses to “Godsmack Tupelo MS Tickets, BancorpSouth Arena, Sep 26, 2018, Concert”

  1. Jonathan Beiswanger

    the opening band was great (shinedown) and godsmack was even better . great show !

  2. Shantell Marrello

    All the bands were so great. I have never been to such a great concert in over 20 years. The headliners put on the best show and were extremely interactive. I can’t wait to see all the bands again.

  3. Grover Bew

    Shinedown and Godsmack never ever disappoint! See them if you can!

  4. Huey Winborn

    Second time to see both Godsmack and Shinedown at Darien Lake together. Excellent show to say the least. The opening band Like a Storm very good.

  5. Lavette Lais

    Shinedown was great, but I was there for Godsmack. They put on an incredible show! They are truly awesome musicians! So glad I went for pit tickets!

  6. Blake Verrue

    Enjoyed the buzzfest as usual, with this being my sixth time of the last few years attending. This is the second time seeing Godsmack here as a headliner and as expected they did not disappoint. Breaking Benjamin was also great, although their set was very similar to their visit to Houston last year (but they did through in a few surprises during their cover medley). Also enjoyed many of the other usual suspects, such as The Toadies, Filter and P.O.D. (although I wish P.O.D. would get a spot on the main stage one of these days, as the side stage just sounds like crap in comparison). Only band I was somewhat disappointed in was Highly Suspect, who I had been really looking forward to seeing. They screwed around so much with tuning and talking (goofing off) that they only got a few songs in their short set. Like P.O.D., I really wish they had been on the main stage or at least later in the day so that we could have heard more of them. Red Sun Rising was also pretty good. Most of the other bands I did not frankly care much about, as they are not the hard rocking or punk sound I enjoy. At least the bigger bands delivered on The Buzz’s promise of going back to the rock!

  7. Pat Esskew

    I’ve never been to a rock concert and would love to know when Godsmack will be in either Houston, Texas or Corpus Christi, Texas. More than I want to enjoy the experience of seeing one of my favorite bands play their latest songs, I would be completely enthralled if I could have my daughter in the audience.

  8. Jayme Beitzel

    Love Godsmack! Every time I have seen them. They get better every time.

  9. Lissa Brondyke

    Enjoyed the entire day. Every act rocked it. The food and beer was great too.

  10. Ervin Nemoede

    The venue was outstanding! Tickets were reasonable. Great bathroom accommodations for a venue. Awesome lineup artist wise. The food & beverages are over priced.

  11. Lavinia Hudas

    Buzzfest at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion always delivers a full day of great music! We’ve seen some great up and coming bands on the side stage and some of our favorite bands on the main stage. Consistently a great event and a great venue! Highly recommend!

  12. Soo Blier

    Both bands were fantastic! Great experience all around!

  13. Cornell Clemmens

    Shinedown did a terrific job as the co-headliner. Godsmack did a really long instrumental segment with the 2 drum kits that lost me. I would go see Shinedown again but probably pass on Godsmack.

  14. Tu Rombough

    Godsmack was good but Shinedown was better. Shinedown hands down stole the show. Godsmack was killer as well


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