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August 10, 1947 in Dunfermline, Scotland


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Ian Anderson, the British singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist will be performing with his band in the Ian Anderson North American Tour 2018. The upcoming tour is scheduled to open on 7th September in the Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA. The musician and his band will be performing live across 3 cities of North America. The band will perform live on some of their biggest hits during the 2018 tour. The song list will include chartbusters like ‘Living In The Past’, ‘Cross Eyed Mary’, etc. The concert dates for the tour have been confirmed. The tour will come to an end on 11th September in the Beacon Theatre, New York, NY. The concert tickets for the upcoming tour of the performer are available for sale. For further information on this upcoming tour the fans should check the detailed tour schedule and tickets availability and plan for their bookings in advance to watch the musician perform live.

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Ian Scott Anderson MBE (born 10 August 1947) is a British musician, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist best known for his work as the lead vocalist, flautist and acoustic guitarist of British rock band Jethro Tull. Anderson plays several other musical instruments, including keyboards, bass guitar, bouzouki, balalaika, saxophone, harmonica, and a variety of whistles. His solo work began with the 1983 album Walk into Light, and since then he has released another five works, including the sequel to the Jethro Tull album Thick as a Brick (1972) in 2012, entitled Thick as a Brick 2. More...



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2014Thick as a Brick: Live in IcelandEagle
2014Homo ErraticusKscope
2012Thick as a Brick 2Chrysalis Records
2006London Symphony Orchestra Plays Jethro TullBMG
2005Ian Anderson Plays the Orchestral Jethro TullZYX Music
2003Rupi's DanceFuel 2000
2000The Secret Language of BirdsVarese
1995Divinities: Twelve Dances with GodEMI Angel
1983Walk into LightChrysalis Records


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53 Responses to “Ian Anderson Tour 2018 Tickets, Dates, Concerts”

  1. Ali Farry

    I loved the concert! It was amazing! Even though it was my fourth time seeing Ian Anderson in concert it felt like I was seeing him for the first time again.

  2. Marcel Hinson

    He’s a legend, and I’m glad I saw the concert.

  3. Marine Buker

    The show was wonderful. The combination of live and recorded elements fit together perfectly and even the songs that I was not familiar with seemed familiar.

  4. Minda Pim

    Ian Anderson combined multi-media (rear projection screen with 60s Laugh-In style video) with live performance. First off was always a fan, and welcome new music from an artist, but also expect them to perform the music that put them on the map. If you are expecting a night of Jethro Tull music from the 60s and 70s you will be disappointed.

  5. Rosario Canada

    Saw them in 1974. Waited far too many years to again see what they are about! Great show in a great venue. Personally – I was stone cold sober for this one!

  6. Tomasa Tat

    Ian Anderson will be brilliant long after his voice gives out completely. I am so glad we were able to see him while he could still sing on stage.

  7. Yvette Calmese

    a great and innovated concert. like the idea of telling the tale of the real jethro tull and connecting it to present day. my first concert at the ryman and hopefully not my last. wonderful sound and surroundings

  8. Jeannie Kerksiek

    It was a decent show, but wasn’t what we expected. Expecting a regular concert with a lot more hits. Instead, it was a rock opera with a smattering of hits. Ian Anderson can still perform, but it was a little disappointing. Might have adjusted our expectations had we known it would be a rock opera.

  9. Tony Hiscock

    Very disappointing show. If your going, and hoping to hear your favorite Tull tunes you will be sorely mistaken. Ian plays a ton of new material, most of which isn’t very good . On top of that he hardly sings during the show. He’s accompanied by a large video screen that plays prerecorded parts sung by back up singers . The back up singers on the screen do more of the lead vocals than Ian does . When Ian does sing his voice is completely gone and he can barely stay in rhythm with the song . This just seems like a big cash grab by Ian sadly . Do yourself a favor and Google the set list before considering buying tickets, it will make your decision a lot easier.

  10. Johnathon Kubisiak

    First and very first I go to a concert to be entertained! When then video popped up and went through a dissertation about global warming I was a little disturbed. However, I figured , ok maybe he just want to say that and over and done with. The whole concert was based on his message of doom and gloom. If it wasn’t global warming it also threw in all about genetically modified organisms. YUCK. I want to be entertained end of story.
    Next the singers on video if I want to see a music video I’d watch one at home. Perhaps, the singers could have been on stage with him, that would have helped. They did a few of his hits but the music arrangements had been changed.
    Didn’t leave but so wanted to, in hopes it would get better. IT DID NOT.
    His voice is gone but some of the flute playing was good but not loud enough, the band dwarfed it.

  11. Noel Streat

    Ian Anderson doesn’t miss a beat. Due to his vocal change over the years, I’m glad that he had a virtual singer to hit the notes that Ian did in his youth. He mixed new music with the old. It was well worth the time. What else can I say about a wonderful, timeless classic?

  12. Ken Dalphonse

    Ian ‘Anderson sang along with a movie like venue…the songs were great, but not really sung by him…he is still really great with the flute, and the night was entertaining.

  13. Florentina Coltrain

    The show was great! All of the classics were covered, some with a little twist! I would go see it again!

  14. Wiley Oharroll

    “Jethro Tull the Rock Opera” is a creative blend of old favorites and new music woven together with a tale inspired by the life of the eighteenth-century British agricultural pioneer. Ian Anderson tested and broke the boundaries for storytelling through rock music, using animation and virtual singers along with the live band. It’s not your usual “rock concert” but is a different — and fantastic — form of musical entertainment.

  15. Anthony Sellar

    It was a very unusual performance for Ian Anderson. There was a big movie screen behind him on which were displayed beautiful scenery images and other singers performing- all to tell the stories.

  16. Trena Ba

    Amazing show! I really hope Ian Anderson does this again! I will be there if he does!

  17. Wilfred Peskin

    First of all, I think Ian Anderson is a genius. I think Jethro Tull is an amazing group. However, this concert was NOT what I was expecting. I saw JT back in the day (and it wasn’t yesterday) and there was completely different attitude. I know we have all gotten older and slowed down, but Ian Anderson didn’t toss his flute once. His singing isn’t what it used to be so, they have videoed a couple of singers. The guy sounds a lot like a young Ian Anderson, but the girl has such a high voice, I couldn’t understand a word she said. Pretty singer, but NOT Ian Anderson or anything like him. The play list contains songs I think were written for this show? Who knows because when the girl was singing, I couldn’t understand a thing she said. Very few popular songs…In fact there were several songs I thought you had to have to be considered a JT concert, they didn’t play…such as Crossed Eyed Mary, Too Old for Rock and Roll, Thick as a Brick and so many others.
    The band is great. The flute playing outstanding as ever, but the whole thing lacked the elements to be a really good show. More than a little disappointed.

  18. Jonna Dass

    Just like at lot of the old legions they have lost some of their voice. But I could live with that if he played a nice collection of the old songs… which is why all the old folks were there. To bad he only played of 3 of the 15 good ones. I wont be going back.

  19. Lesia Bailor

    The opera theme was interesting. They could have done a bit less of the screen singing and shown even more cool backgrounds.

  20. Emeline Cuadra

    It was a mix of Video with the band that is very good. But the vocals of Ian were not always clear. I’d give it a B-.

  21. Silas Strazisar

    Thought I had bought tickets to an Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull concert. On ads and the tickets themselves there was no clear indication that this is a video/live production was an “opera” of nature images and costumed singers on video along with the 5 performers onstage live. While I enjoyed hearing Anderson’s signature style on flute, his limited vocals (video actor/singers did most vocals) were often strained. I would not have purchased these very pricey tickets had I known the format of this “show”. Other than for interspersed JT classics, I could not understand the lyrics or follow any kind of plot. Left at intermission.This just didn’t work.

  22. Emory Bursell

    Voice is still good, just not quite the range. The flute, guitar and overall performance are amazing. Played for over 2 hours. Outstanding show. Never had the chance to see him in concert before. What a shame.

  23. Vada Bruso

    Interactive rock show with massive screen behind the band. So awesome! It was a great production that we were not expecting! Well worth the time spent going down memory lane! Not the typical concert and you will love it if you already love Jethro Tull. They are all incredible songwriters and musicians!! Still a signature band and sound!

  24. Santiago Ordway

    It was not what I expected but it was a very unique show. Had a great time and the crowd was older folks like me, but very into the show.

  25. Fabiola Monro

    Amazing performance by Jethro Tull. He is still the master with the flute. While the Embassy has good acoustics, the person doing the sound mixing needs to bring up the voice volumes as we often could not understand the words that were being sung as the instruments drowned out the voice.

  26. Dionna Reames

    The show started exactly on time. We were so engrosed in the performance that we barely spoke to each other. We smiled constantly, so wonderful to finally see Ian Anderson and the Jethro Tull band finally. Bucket list checked and the rock opera part really made it great.

  27. Tashina Cuttitta

    Have seen Ian/Jethro Tull off and on since 1972, if they are in town AkronOh). Since th rose early years, the shows and band members always change…Ian grows older and his matescare much younger. That said, the old boy is still agile, fit active on stage and masterful with his flute, mandolin and even harmonica.
    This show was billed as ‘A history of Jethro Tull’ but performed as ‘Jethro Tull; a Rock Opera’.
    Big difference in song selection as a result, in my opinion.
    The rather short (90 minutes not including a 30 minute intermission) had a song set of mostly older tunes, from earlier Tull albums an @ one third was music I had never heard before. Big surprise there. Some classics inserted here and there fired up the crowd (mostly older people/ long time fans). Recorded singers on film was necessary but cheap.
    The sad part is that Ian’s singing voice is GONE. His attempts to carry tunes solo were painful…compared to excellent live performances by his drummer, bassist, keyboardist and lead guitarist. Because Ian has no vocal range left (but he can narrate just fine), he incorporated the unique strategy….also very cost saving….of featuring three vocalists who sang almost everything….pre-recorded on film, and played back. The singers included an older man, a younger man and (most times) a younger WOMAN!
    A woman singing Aqualung???
    These singers were on the back screen, with the band following their lead. Effective but not as go is as if he had brought them on tour.
    Ian is ever the master of ceremonies, and chief marketeer. Carries an exhausting tour schedule. He still brings game to the stage, but with no singing voice left, I wonder how long he will float the Tull boat. I called the show just average because of the odd song list, short duration (no encore) and because Ian failed to sing when he struggled to do so, and chi we to

  28. Gale Kinkle

    The band was great. Awesome musicians. Unfortunately Ian just can’t hit the notes any more when he sings. I was not impressed with the virtual singers. For what I paid for the seats I would’ve hoped they were there in person.

  29. Nedra Rusinko

    Very bad. I would have stayed home and watched Harry Potter sing on my own tv rather than spending all that money. Also at one point an usher came up to me and my dad to check our tickets. We had already been sitting there a while and he didn’t check anyone else’s around us. He was very rude.

  30. Travis Sucharski

    This was a “Rock Opera” utilizing two interactive virtual performers who appeared on the big screen behind the performing musicians. I enjoyed the show knowing beforehand Anderson’s vocals had seriously declined (third Tull experience in last 4 years).

  31. Renaldo Tafoya

    Well this should have been titled Jethro Tull: The Rock Opera so expectations might have been better. This was NOT a concert. This was Ian Anderson trying to tell a story and using the legendary name of Jethro Tull as a draw. If there was a narrative it was either incoherent or incomprehensible or both. The sounds system made all lyrics unintelligible. Only three old hits with a bunch of disorganized songs with virtual singers on an amateurish video screen playing “live” with the band. I’ve seen work from high school kids that exceeds this for quality and execution. Disappointing.Not worth paying a premium price.

  32. Jasper Theule

    Unaware of a “theme” to the show, which evidently affected (adversely) the song selection. Not enough of the big hits, too much new stuff. Yes, we still go to “old” groups’ concerts to hear the greatest hits, don’t we? All the musicians were terrific, the visuals were awesome. Nobody plays a flute like Anderson. I feel that the audience was just waiting to burst into wild cheering and applause when the “right” song came up, but it never did. Not even the encore.I left feeling unsatisfied. So, bottom line, for me, anyway, was loved the music and the musicians and the show, but totally lukewarm on the setlist. By all means, see this show if you’ve never seen Tull before, but if you want to hear all the great old hits, prepare to be disappointed.

  33. Alverta Mazon

    Had we known it wasn’t an actual Jethro Tull concert we would have saved our money. Bad, weird, bad, awful multimedia experience topped off with Ian Anderson asking everyone to visit the merch booth at intermission which was when we left.

  34. Alita Desmarais

    Wow! What else can be said about “Jethro Tull: The Rock Opera”? The music was superb, the musicianship impeccable and the showmanship extraordinary. This is not just a tired rendition of “Jethro Tull’s greatest hits”. While there are plenty of hits and golden oldies for the Tull fan, the new songs are incredible! I think that a new album just of those new songs would be well received by even the most jaded Tull fan. While Ian had a little trouble reaching the extremely high notes on a couple of songs, he gave a valiant try! He also amazed the audience with his dexterity, perched on one leg, or roaming (indeed prancing) around the stage. I was extremely satisfied with the ability and intensity of the rest of the on-stage band, each was featured in their own way, showcasing their remarkable skills. The virtual contributions of both Ryan O’Donnell and Unnur Birna Bjornsdottir would have been the cornerstone of any concert, but the seamless blending of their voices with Ian Anderson’s voice and the flow of the music made for a visual and audial treat! The full house in Kansas City responded with great appreciation and didn’t want to go home. You MUST see this show!

  35. Reena Weintraub

    Having seen Jethro Tull previously, I was not sure what to expect from Mr. Anderson here. What I got surpassed my expectiation. This was easily one of the best, if not the best, concerts I have ever seen. The multimedia presentation merged perfectly with the live band – even the duets! Mixing both perennial favorites and deeper album cuts, the story was fun (starring Jethro Tull). Great musicianship, awesome stage presence and interaction with the audience made for an unforgettable evening. To see Ian still hopping around while playing the flute was terrific. A must for any Tull fan!

  36. Freida Soren

    This “rock opera” is mostly performed via tape/movie clips. The band is tight but Ian can’t catch his breath and voice is barely a whisper. Since he relies so heavily on the other singers (via video) I found myself watching the screen the entire time. I left after an hour. If I had wanted to watch a rock opera on video I’d stay home and watch tommy and save $100

  37. Tamesha Garnet

    Ian’s Voice was as beautiful as the lilting flute he flys around the the stage.

  38. Israel Marmion

    Interesting to see an artist in 2016 when the last time you saw him was in the early 70s. Ian Anderson still has it and that flute is magic. The band was awesome. Brought back some great memories.

  39. Bradly Dethlefs

    Ian Anderson and the Jethro Tull band have always been one of my favorite bands since the early 70’s. I was thrilled to finally get to attend a concert by them. Ian is a very talented man in music composition, playing instruments, and performing. The Rock Opera he wrote and performed was superbly written and performed and included solos and duets via video. It was a highlight of a lot of his hits from the past and telling a story about the man Jethro Tull the inventor for whom the band was named. I would highly recommend this show to anyone who loves good music and I’d go see it again.

  40. Karrie Stidham

    Awesome!!! He is amazing, I saw him 40 years ago and he was just as good at this concert. 68 years old and still going strong.

  41. Meghann Cowan

    As lifelong fans of Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull I rushed to buy tickets for my husband’s birthday once these were announced. We’d seen Ian Anderson before at this same venue and years ago at another venue in KC and were thrilled to get to see him again. Most of the concert announcements simply said it was Jethro Tull performing so we didn’t think beyond that or look further into it.
    When we entered and saw the stage and then the opening we were blown away but thought it might have been a bit to start the show. What we saw over the next 2 hours was an amazing show. Songs we had heard all our lives, many that almost never got radio play and we knew only because we owned the albums, were used to tell a story in such a way that you were immersed and spell bound by it.
    Thank you so much for such a great night!

  42. Nestor Destina

    DON’T GO! Awful. Second rate band of which I had never heard of. Movie playing on screen the whole time to distract from Ian’s blown out vocals. Having been a lifelong Tull fan I never thought I would never see such crap from Ian Anderson. Avoid at all cost…like the plague!

  43. Mable Langwith

    The typical flair for the dramatic was present throughout the “rock opera”, with an ever-presenting backdrop varying from tranquil English country scenes to psychedelic twirling patterns of numbers and people. Although there was no flute flying, Anderson did perform (what seemed odd) a variety of bodily stances to the music (kinda). To the disappointment of some fans, he did NOT sing the majority of the verses to any of his songs, but rather incorporated “special guests singers” via virtual performances. This created the odd sense that you were watching a live band perform to a MTV show.

  44. Kemberly Dunnington

    Ian Anderson just keeps getting better! I WILL see him when he tours again.

  45. Rayford Mosholder

    The Jethro Tull Rock Opera was outstanding. I loved the melding of video and live music. Ian Anderson was fantastic and still rocks the flute. The Uptown Theater was a wonderful place to see the show, with Ian’s shadow being cast on the walls while assuming his famous one-legged stance. HIs lyrics are so expressive — it’s like seeing Shakespeare as a musician. I would see it again. And again. Glad I bought my tickets early and had great seats. Seeing JT has been on my bucket list since I was teenager.

  46. Synthia Mestrovich

    I went into this thinking the it was going to be just another rock concert. I had no idea it was going to be a multimedia extravaganza. The content was very well presented and the coordination of the live aspects of the show with that content projected on the screen along with the lighting was perfection. It had just the right amount of old material and new. A great experience for the eye, ear, and mind.

  47. Suellen Asay

    At times wonderfully nostalgic, but mostly disappointing. Ian Anderson’s voice is almost gone and using a large screen video with support singers to compensate was awkward. His flute playing is still excellent and the band was very good. The ‘Rock Opera” approach is not what the audience wanted to hear at the expense of some great hits ignored for obscure songs. Aqualung was well done as was Locomotive Breath, Witches Promise, but some old standards were redone to their detriment. Very disappointed with the omission of Thick as a Brick, Bungle in the Jungle, Too Old to Rock and Roll, Minstrel in the Gallery, and other classics. At his age, Anderson does not need to be worried about “new” stuff. Give the fans what they want – the Tull classics.
    The Nazi approach to no picture taking (even without flash) was ridiculous as well.

  48. Gilberto Stanier

    Program was slow, boring, and strange. Was expecting

  49. Hipolito Glos

    42 years later they still rock the house at the Uptown Theater. Very inspirational to all of us from the sixties and seventies thank you Ian

  50. Ronald Rhen

    It is easy to forget how unique a flutist is in the Rock Genre.

  51. Larita Ridell

    Excellent concert. He hasn’t lost a lick with his flute playing and his voice sounded the same although couldn’t quite carry all the phrases. He did have great backup with the video singers and the band was a great as ever.

  52. Bernard Russwurm

    very well done. Glad we went. The Embassy Theater is an awesome venue to see an act like this.

  53. Grant Deetz

    Most of the singing was pre-recorded and the singers displayed on the screen behind the stage. This just didn’t work for me at all. Given, Ian can barely sing and it is painful to watch and listen to him try.
    The audience didn’t even stand and applaud when Ian took the stage or for any of the first set, which included Aqualung.
    Ian and Jethro Tull used to be such a powerful and exciting show. Sad to see such a former dynamic performer reduced to this. Well I guess we all get old but Ian should hang it up if this is the best show that he can produce. He could at least speak to the audience. I think the spoken word would be more welcome than this.
    Left at intermission disappointed and sad.


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