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Indigo Girls the American folk music duo of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers will be hitting the road for their latest Indigo Girls North American Tour 2018. The concert dates and schedule for the tour have been announced. The tour will kickstart on 9th July in the Ocean City, NJ. The fans of the band will look forward to seeing their favorite band perform live on their chartbusters. The song list will include hits like ‘Least Complicated’, ‘The Wood Song’, ‘Power of Two’ etc. The tour comes to an end on 15th February 2019 in the Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, MN. The tickets for the tour 2018 are now available for sale. The fans should check the tour schedule and make their ticket bookings well in advance so that they do not miss out on watching their favorite band Indigo Nation perform live near them.

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Indigo Girls are a Grammy Awardu2013winning folk rock music American duo consisting of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers. They met in elementary school and began performing together as high school students in Decatur, Georgia, part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. They started performing with the name Indigo Girls as students at Emory University, performing weekly at The Dugout, a bar in Emory Village. More...



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2015One Lost DayVanguard
2011Beauty Queen SisterVanguard
2010Holly Happy DaysVanguard
2010Staring Down the Brilliant DreamIG Recordings
2009Poseidon and the Bitter BugIG Recordings
2006Despite Our DifferencesHollywood
2004All That We Let InEpic
2002Become YouSony Music Distribution
1999Come on Now SocialEpic
1997Shaming of the SunSbme Special Mkts.
19951200 CurfewsEpic
1995Touch Me FallSony Music Distribution
1994Swamp OpheliaEpic
1992Rites of PassageEpic
1990Nomads Indians SaintsEpic
1989Indigo GirlsEpic
1987Strange FireEpic


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58 Responses to “Indigo Girls Tour 2018 Tickets, Dates, Concerts”

  1. Josephine Horwitz

    Big fan of the group- did not recognize a single song. Understand if you want to play new stuff but at least sprinkle in the fan favorites. A 90s band that peaked last century- a little out of touch — started 1.5 hours late on a Sunday night after a horrible opening act that played way toooo long. Very disappointing

  2. Jude Hernanadez

    I have been listening to the Indigo Girls for decades, and have seen them play live many times. This show lacked the energy and cohesion I expected. They played a broad selection of music, saving the best sing-a-long for last.
    The opening band was fair at best.

  3. Emogene Ortolano

    I have attended several Indigo Girls concerts over the past couple of decades and once again, I am so impressed with Amy and Emily’s voices! They are truly an amazing duo with beautifully perfect harmony, and they are better than ever! They played acoustic throughout the entire concert which showed their amazing talent and beautiful voices! Fantastic mix of old and new songs! Great show! Cant wait for the next tour!

  4. Tobie Fajardo

    The Indigo Girls show at the Montalvo far exceeded our expectations! They were amazing and the venue was perfect. Our seats were even closer than we imagined and the crowd was engaged! We could see them without having to look at a big screen monitor like other larger places. Emily joined Caroline (opening act- see photo) which was a nice bonus.
    We drove from Alameda and would do it again in a heartbeat!

  5. Byron Fisch

    Haven’t seen the Indigo Girls in at least 10 years so I was not sure what to expect, but they were awesome! Still the same incredible sound!

  6. Vannesa Thayne

    For us,
    The Indigo Girls were underwhelming.
    Natalie Clark, on the other hand, was so excited to be the opening act. She was amazing!

  7. Edison Farkas

    So sad. My wife and I are like groupies. We couldn’t go this yime. Bike accident…we wife in walking cast and I had rotater cuff surgery. Listened to cds in bed and looked at our tickets. Love the venue and cinci loves indigo girls. ..wild horses kept us away …this time

  8. Wilfred Macchia

    Both battling colds, but still great — like seeing old friends.

  9. John Stolarik

    The show was amazing and just as good as I remember it from 15 years ago! Amy and Emily sounded great (even though they claimed they were getting over sickness) and the banter between songs was hysterical. Not too much, not too little. Great play list with a really nice mix of old and new music. Loved every second of the night, especially when they allowed a couple in the audience a few minutes in the spotlight to get engaged! The venue was also fantastic – small and intimate, comfortable seating and $4 wine & beer benefitting the local arts foundation. How can it be any better?!?

  10. Percy Cipkowski

    The venue was great and there was a very enthusiastic crowd. The Indigo Girls could not have been better and they have a super band behind them. Even the opening act, Caroline Aiken, was excellent.

  11. Liana Cominotti

    The Girls still got it! I’m thrilled I got to see them at long last. They were powerful, beautiful and endearinly humble and their incredible violin/fiddle player was a perfect compliment to their unique style. I wish I could have gone on a road trip to see them in Oregon and Washington! Excellent venue and wonderful show.

  12. Otha Hopping

    I’ve been a fan of Indigo Girls since the early 1990’s, and was thrilled at the opportunity to see them for the first time “live” in such a classic and intimate venue. Best of all, I took my 13 year old daughter who had never even heard of them prior to the concert. We were fortunate to score second row seats so it was even better than expected. Indigo Girls’ music is so varied in style and I loved how they combined Amy’s more rock & roll style with Emily’s softer style so well. Many songs they played I’d never heard before but was just as moved by them as by the many classics they also played.

  13. Ivey Severa

    The Indigo Girls are always amazing, but this is probably my favorite show by far. First time I’ve seen the girls with an orchestra. Blew me away! The Atlanta Symphony and Orchestra were incredible. I’d go back over and over again!

  14. Suzi Teamer

    After 30+ years together you would think an act would get old and stale. Not so with Amy Ray and Emily Saliers. These two women did not miss a beat! I recommend that anyone who is a fan and for whatever reason has never seen them GO!

  15. Yadira Melear

    I have seen IG since the early 1991 and they have NEVER DISAPPOINT! By far the best band in concert I have seen through out my life. If anyone wants to have a blast at a concert even if they have never seen the Indigo Girls before should try; you won’t be disappointed!

  16. Courtney Lia

    What is there to say but “WOW” as usual. My husband and I have seen the Indigo Girls at the Collingswood Scottish Rite for many years. The venue is a great place to hear Emily and Amy play. As usual they had everyone on their feet.

  17. Lashanda Zerkle

    excellent concert…..They always put on a good show

  18. Thanh Proue

    Always amazing to enjoy amazing musicians play and sing their soul inspiring music. Such talented people are always worth the time and travel to see in person!

  19. Becky Knezevic

    I’ve loved the Indigo Girls for over 25 years, but I think this was my last time seeing them in concert. Amy and Emily still sound great, and the band was terrific, but the have NO contact with each other on stage. Part of the fun of seeing musicians live is seeing how they interact with each other. There might as well have been a wall between the two of them. It was painful to see.

  20. Eduardo Ocain

    The Indigo Girls sounded every bit as good as they do on their CDs. Fabulous back-up band, too! The Montalvo Art Center in Saratoga, CA has a beautiful outdoor theatre. We knew it would be a bit chilly outside and went prepared with blankets, so we were toasty. The pre-event dinner was wonderful. Parking on premises cost extra, but was worth it. So if you get the chance to see the Indigo Girls, go for it!

  21. Nadine Sherley

    The Indigo Girls were as powerful and soulful as ever. Playing new and old music, they kept the crowd engaged and excited. Connective and beautiful.
    We sat in the balcony at the Orpheum. The seats were so close together, my legs cramped up mid way through the show. My knees were literally crunched up against the seat in front of me. I am 5’10, and I was sitting next to a guy who was over 6′ – he had to leave early.

  22. Shannon Mckernin

    Very enjoyable evening. The Orpheum is an intimate venue. Our seats were off to the side but still with great acoustics and unobstructed view. They played several songs from the new CD, alternating lead between Amy and Emily. They ended the show with many of their greatest classic hits! If they come back I will be going to see them again.

  23. Antoinette Jenista

    The concert was peaceful and inspiring. It truly felt as if we were sitting around a beautiful campfire singing. The Atlanta Symphony was simply amazing and it was powerful listening to them with two amazing singers. I personally LOVED the conductor. I thought his energy and power was perfect and engaging. Thanks for a great concert! Now, if other great artists could get the Symphony to play with them!

  24. Jerrie Plumb

    Played all the old favorites. New music was very good. The girls were chatty and friendly to the audience. They took unplanned requests. Just a fun evening.

  25. Eloy Humber

    The girls didn’t disappoint at all – even though Emily was fighting a cold. They were wonderful when they announced an engagement in the front row – then sang The Power of Two. Very sweet moment. Set included old stuff sprinkled with the new album though they didn’t sing Elizabeth and that was the only song my 10 year old wanted to hear!! Oh well. They can’t sing them all. I am amazed that they have been together for 35 years and they are still awesome.

  26. Frank Sanson

    This concert was the perfect mix of playfulness, professionalism and pure talent all in one!
    There were moments that were so spooky beautiful I was in awe. I am so glad I went and would go again for sure!

  27. Tamera Maiello

    Promotions indicated a 9:00 pm show with no indication of an opening act, which we missed.

  28. Robyn Hemperley

    To describe the indigo girls stage presence and talent would take me hours! They are bar known the best female duo ever. There ability to harmonize is amazing. Truly just one of the best shows I have ever seen!

  29. Cassidy Wansitler

    Amy and Emily were amazing as usual. The Genesee Theater, although quite beautiful, has pour acoustics. Acoustically, the performance part was okay, but the in between song banter was unintelligible. The audience for the most part was attentive and well behaved. There were, however, some that stood up during a song and “danced” obstructing the view of people who had paid good money to see the Indigo Girls. I’m thinking that the theater management should warn them once and eject them if they continue to be defective patrons. Just my view. Cell phones were also an issue. Turn that puppy off!

  30. Owen Elledge

    This was my first Picnic with the Pops in Columbus, and what an event! Great venue, nice table cloths, coolers permitted! My husband and I had such a great time we can’t wait to see the line-up for next year!

  31. Mary Magrone

    The gals played mostly all new stuff, (not that good) and also the old stuff was not their greatest hits!!! Very depressing old stuff!!

  32. Kraig Pintos

    Great music. but we were under the balcony and the reverberations from the music distorted the sound. Do not to the Ryman Theatre unless you are out from under the balcony. So, great music, poor delivery.

  33. Leo Graczyk

    The Indigo Girls were amazing as usual! Really cool that they had a violinist playing with them. She was amazing too.

  34. Jess Napper

    Great show in a classic venue! The audience was enthusiastic yet respectful, the energy between the band and the crowd was very good. People sang and danced and had fun, but were also quiet during the ballads. Good mix of songs from the current album and older albums, they played all the “fan favorites” so everyone was happy.

  35. Hershel Berliew

    Amy and Emily never disappoint and this was no exception. Their voices and guitar work are second to none, their harmonies spectacular, and their beautiful melodies with strong, thought-provoking lyrics that often make you laugh make for some of the finest musicians of our day.
    Natalie Clark as an opener was a welcome addition.
    Just terrific all around!

  36. Morgan Hoes

    Never ones to disappointment, the Indigo Girls played an eclectic mix of new, obscure, and beloved songs to a delighted and captivated audience. From the opening performance through the encore, the show seemed crafted to draw us into a warm embrace of nostalgia for lives and loves past and to tempt us with prospects of pleasures yet to come. I’m a huge fan of the Akron Civic Theatre and so everything about this show was…just lovely.

  37. Alexis Busser

    Great concert. Love the old songs but some of the new ones were good too.

  38. Amparo Sigala

    I’ve been a fan since seeing their shows to small club crowds in Athens. But the show Saturday night, although well rehearsed and performed, lacked that connection with the audience I was so familiar with. They came on, did a few songs (very well), intermission, then a few more songs. People who love the albums would have loved the show. But when I pay to see someone live I want some effort to make a connection with the audience, and that was entirely lacking here. They went through it like they were assembling cars. The only exchange with the audience was a few mumbled lines in response to the usual call for “Freebird”. The audience was enthusiastic, especially in asking for an encore, but there was to be none. Maybe union rules for the orchestra, but Amy and Emily are usually just fine with two guitars. They finished, bowed, and disappeared. I enjoyed the venue and the orchestra was in good form. Next time I’ll just listen to the records.

  39. Trinh Zabka

    The sound was perfect! I love all their songs and the venue was perfect to hear their harmonizing!! Great seats! Great friends! Best way to bring in “turning 50” I could ever think!!!

  40. Tyron Kittner

    Have been a fan for 15 years, first time seeing them and not disappointed at all. It was a dream come alive.

  41. Michale Altamirano

    Saw the Indigo Girls for the first time last Tuesday evening at the Madison Theater in Covington, KY. A smaller venue, they were accompanied only by a violinist. I believe they said they are also traveling with a band on some of the stops of this tour (?), I was pleased to see them essentially “duo/acoustic”.

  42. Howard Griffis

    forever and always, i love the IG!!! great show and great opener.

  43. Rosamond Bilodeau

    Had never seen the girls before but always loved their music. They are fantastic musically and were equal in quality of voice. Every song is enjoyable even if unknown. It was great to hear other fans enjoying the songs as well.

  44. Sandee Knapko

    The Indigo Girls still put on a darn good show. Lucy Wainwright was also an entertaining opening act. After all these years, I was still impressed with how good Amy and Emily sound, and their rapport with the audience is very enjoyable.

  45. Serina Roggenbaum

    Amazing show-loved the violinist (Lyris Hung), I’ve seen IG about fifteen times and each show is unique. I enjoyed the new songs from their new album and had a great time singing along with old favorites. The interaction with audience was great as well-they are hilariously funny! Looking forward to the next show!

  46. Avery Joiner

    This was my 7th or 8th show over the years and this was by far my favorite! Excellent set list with a good mix of old and new. The violinist was FANTASTIC!! Beer selection was also very good.

  47. Karl Barrie

    The girls rocked the house! Nothing short of amazing!

  48. Edwin Baier

    I have been a fan of the Indigo Girls for 20+ years and have seen them in lots of venues, but none other is like this show with the ASO. The orchestra adds a whole new dimension to the songs they played. And the sing along songs (Galileo, Closer to Fine) sound so wonderful from a full-house audience at Atlanta Symphony Hall. If the Indigo Girls play a show with the ASO again, I’ll be there and so should you!

  49. Wava Giannakopoulo

    It’s hard to believe, but this awesome ladies sound even better now than they did thirty years ago. My only regret was that they didn’t play all night long.

  50. Marvin Herrin

    Indigos were very warm, energetic and personable. Many fans sang along with them. Show was very long which allowed them and their fine band to cover a great deal of their songs both old and new. Well worth seeing them for sure……….

  51. Jordon Ellert

    Awesome performer ! They always deliver a wonderful show!

  52. Roosevelt Ashburn

    The Indigo Girls have an amazing sound that never fails to please…their songs are timeless and well crafted! I met Amy and Emily after the concert, and despite them being very tired, they were soooo personable!!!

  53. Louella Olvey

    I am not a fan of the Girls but I went to see what they are all about, I was not disappointed. They are incredible musicians, the gal on violin is awesome as well!! The audience was incredibly hyped up and ready! Only complaint I had was with the sound system, not knowing the songs, we were both unable to understand 75% of the words they sang. Not sure what was wrong, but it was bad. We were in the 8th row center of the theater.

  54. Bennie Rogowicz

    I first saw the Indigo Girls in concert in the early 90s. They were wonderful then, and they remain a great-sounding tandem more than 20 years later. This time around, they’ve put together a band that fills in the sound nicely. The Girls are promoting a new album that has songs consistent with previous releases. All good.

  55. Harvey Dunkan

    These women are amazing! They just keep singing song after song. The band is fantastic.

  56. Jose Stoglin

    Always a pleasure to go to the Beacon (although the sound isn’t great there). Indigo Girls were really good, harmonies were right on, excellent musicianship as well, however the opening act was the worst I have ever experienced in going to concerts for 35 years. I guess the indigo girls befriended this nice group of young men but we didn’t feel there music jives well with the indigo girls at all. “A Fragile Tomorrow”, sorry guys, They were pretty awful!

  57. Ty Seher

    The event site was fantastic, a beautiful intimate setting. Our seats were great, it felt like we were very much in the moment. The Indigo Girls put on a great show-they rolled well with the many shouted out requests even changing their planned set list to accommodate. It was funny to watch them have a conversation about changing the song they had planned to a new one and then retune the instruments to the new songs. The violinist was so good and lends a nice element to the show. I would definitely go to another show at this event site. The shuttle service worked well also, wish they had this at other places for concerts!!

  58. Millie Nuvallie

    We see the girls about 1-2x each year. The Fillmore is a great place to see a show, as long as standing only is okay for you. We like to dance so we prefer it over some of the larger “you must sit down to not disturb the person behind you” venues. Nothing is worse then being told you can’t dance to your favorite song because some season pass holder that doesn’t even know the band complains. NOT HERE, at the Fillmore you are meant to dance. People do smoke pot and you can’t get away from it and the staff does not stop it, so be okay with that if you want to see a show at the Fillmore.
    I gave 4 stars because the opener was not on par for them. First the show didn’t start till 9pm and the tickets didn’t say there was an opener so I was surprised when she started. We don’t like to be in the city that late and were supposed to take BART home and ended up having to get a ride because it ended so late we missed the last train, all to hear some cry in your soup country styling instead of just getting the girls on stage. Their openers are hit and miss, this one was a little too country. If they had started her earlier and marked her on the ticket we would have been happier.


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