Jack White Las Vegas NV Tickets, T-Mobile Arena, Sep 21, 2018, Concert
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Jack White Las Vegas Concert Tickets in Sep 21, 2018 at T-Mobile Arena in 07:30 PM available for sale as part of the announced Jack White North American Live Tour 2018. All latest concert dates, tour schedule, setlist, video, reviews and etc you can find at Jack White Tour Page.

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T-Mobile Arena
848 N Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV, US


John Anthony White (nu00e9 Gillis; born July 9, 1975) is an American singer and songwriter. He is best known as the lead singer and guitarist of the duo The White Stripes, but has also had success in other bands and as a solo artist. White has enjoyed consistent critical and popular success and is widely credited as one of the key artists in the garage rock revival of the 2000s. More...



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8 Responses to “Jack White Las Vegas NV Tickets, T-Mobile Arena, Sep 21, 2018, Concert”

  1. Marchelle Schnell

    I’ve been to about 15 or so concerts and this one was the best by far. I enjoyed the venue a lot and the show would definitely go again.

  2. Darryl Gloria

    Best show of my life and I’ve seen quite a few. Jack White was every bit of a performer that I thought he would be and so much more. I loved that it was a no phone show. Made it so much better since I wasn’t surrounded by screens.

  3. Marcel Moreshead

    Show rocked. Glad he performed a few White Stripes songs!

  4. Claud Hancin

    Jack White played well, however, the phone in the pouch is a bit much. I mean come on I get you don’t want people recording the concert, however, a locked pouch is overkill. Jack White however, did play consistently and put on a good musical show

  5. Ivory Strekas

    If you skipped out on Jack White because of the no cell phone policy, you seriously missed out. I have seen Jack White six times. Once with The White Stripes, and five times solo. He always puts on an incredible show, but this tour has been on another level with the removal of cell phones as a distraction. This show was my third time seeing him on The Boarding House Reach tour, and his connection with the audience is unreal.

  6. Edward Kraker

    Jack is a phenomenal guitarist, he grips your attention and wows you with riffs and moving dynamic. His band is fantastic, full of energy and seemingly capable of anything. Jack is a rock star in its truest form.

  7. Annamarie Comber

    I’m sure the concert was great but unfortunately we couldn’t make it due to a close family member passing unexpectedly the night before very sorry

  8. Tawana Vliet

    Jack White is straight up the most talented human being that has ever been put on this earth. His performance in Cleveland last week was one of the most insane things I have ever and will ever experience. Jack is one of the best performers of all time and I can’t wait to see him again.


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