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2000s - 2010s


November 3, 1976 in Honolulu, HI


New Age


Oceanic Traditions
Solo Instrumental

Jake Shimabukuro the American musician and composer will be hitting the road and the Jake Shimabukuro North American Tour 2018 will kick off in July 2018. The artist will be performing live across 38 cities of North America. The upcoming tour will see the artist perform some of their best chartbuster tracks like ‘Over The Rainbow’, ‘Blue Rose Falling’, ‘Let’s Dance’ etc. The concert dates for the tour have been confirmed and the band will be hitting the road starting from 19th July in the Robert Z Hawkins Amphitheatre, Reno, NV. The tour will come to an end on 22nd December in the Blue Hotel Hawaii, Honolulu, HI. The concert tickets for the tour are available for sale. The fans are recommended to check the concert dates and schedule with the ticket availability to confirm their bookings and watch the artist perform live near them.

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Jake Shimabukuro (born November 3, 1976, in Honolulu, Hawaii) is an American ukulele virtuoso and composer known for his fast and complex finger work. His music combines elements of jazz, blues, funk, rock, bluegrass, classical, folk, and flamenco. Shimabukuro has written numerous original compositions, including the entire soundtracks to two Japanese films, Hula Girls (2007) and the Japanese remake of Sideways (2009). More...



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Aloha to YouSony Music
IchigoichieSony BMG
10th Anniversary SpecialSony Music
The Greatest DayJS
JakeAvex Trax Japan
Haruyo KoiSony BMG
2016Nashville SessionsJake Shimabukuro
2016Live in JapanEntertainment One
2015TravelsEntertainment One
2012Grand UkuleleHitchhike Records
2011Peace, Love, UkuleleHitchhike Records
2009LiveHitchcock Media
2008InventionsSony Music Distribution
2007Hula GirlsHitchhike Records
2006Gently WeepsHitchhike Records
2005DragonHitchhike Records
2005Sunday MorningFour Strings Productions
2005Walking Down RainhillHitchhike Records
2005CrosscurrentFour Strings Productions
2001The Ehime Maru (In Memory Of)Surfside Records


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54 Responses to “Jake Shimabukuro Tour 2018 Tickets, Dates, Concerts”

  1. Clarine Farra

    Jake Shimabukuro is an absolutely amazing performer. He and his base player were the only two people on the stage, but their passion for the music (both original pieces and covers) kept the audience riveted for the entire concert.

  2. Jame Reul

    I never knew a ukelele could sound so awesome. I enjoyed every minute of his concert. He is very innovative and at times I found it hard to believe it was a ukelele making this music.

  3. Ray Akahi

    Jake is a polished performer with impeccable skills and stage personality. Totally enjoyable.

  4. Adell Plumley

    Did the pre show meet and greet. Met some other fun and intetesting fans. Jake is so nice and appreciative of his fans. Unforgettable experience. His crew were all super nice. Jake signed a uke for me and I will treasure it always. Jake rocks on some tunes and on others can bring you to tears with the beauty of his music. He came out after the show to meet everyone and sign autographs. Loved every minute.

  5. Pierre Bennink

    Jake Shimabukuro was absolutely amazing!! I have a couple of his CD’s, but it does not compare to seeing him in concert. You cannot believe the music he creates on this simple four string instrument. Highly recommended!!!

  6. Lynn Zanni

    I did not realize that Jake would be performing with those that influenced him in his musical life.

  7. Carlo Sewall

    I will be back to see Jake perform as often as he is in Knoxville! He obviously enjoys doing the show and appreciates his audience and the theater he is performing in! I must learn to play ukulele now because it is a happy instrument!

  8. Cyrus Rucky

    I’ve seen Jake play over 12 years ago in Mt. View CA, he was an amazing musician then and was pleasantly surprised he has grown tremendously. It was also quite monumental to see Pure Heart reunite after 15 years. Overall a great entertaining concert as well. I will definitely make this an annual concert to attend!

  9. Lucina Kin

    Jake is the best ukulele player on the planet. The concert was very entertaining and left me in awe. After the event he signed autographs and posed for pictures for over an hour. I HIGHLY recommend going to see Jake perform. I will see you there.

  10. Jaqueline Shatley

    Jake is perfect for the Birchmere venue. A delightful change in music. Jake is approachable and engages the audience. I highly recommend this event in the future.

  11. Dennis Schmeidler

    Concert was great. He is clearly one of the best in the world if not thee best. His range and the way he engages the crowd was fantastic. Wish he was in DC more often.

  12. Virgie Wanda

    Great show! A truly special night to see Jake and all his old friends. Mahalo!

  13. Marlin Yasui

    Wow!!! What a great night of music. So much talent on the stage. Jake was his amazing self, but so was everyone else. This was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. No special effects, just a whole lot of talent.

  14. Yessenia Bunte

    Jake is a phenomenon on the ukulele. You must hear him and see him to believe it!

  15. Everett Hrycenko

    This is very probably the best concert that I’ve ever been to. Although certainly not everyone will enjoy it as much as I did, no matter your musical tastes, you should be able to appreciate the talent and joy that Jake Shimabukuro is able to display during his performances. I think it is a safe assumption for just about anyone that you will be glad you bought the tickets for this show.

  16. Lesa Broy

    It is incredibly impressive to watch Jake Shimabukuro perform his art. The things he can do with a ukulele are amazing. It’s also fun to watch his joy. He seems so happy to be playing.

  17. Gustavo Hansbrough

    Can’t say how awesome the concert was, from the first opening band to Pure Heart to Jake’s solos, amazing music and energy.

  18. Davina Podwoski

    I CAN’T BELIEVE WE GOT TO WATCH PURE HEART!!! Side Order Band was amazing! Pure Heart never sounded better! It’s like their chemistry never left. Their stories were really touching and the music really touched my heart, just in time for the holidays!

  19. Etta Oehmke

    It is amazing to heard in person the sounds JS can get out a ukulele. Had a base player to accompany. Nice bonus that did not overpower the ukulele, like the orchestra sometimes does on his last album, Grand Ukulele.

  20. Timika Andrus

    You probably don’t think of the ukulele as an instrument that can rock the house, but in Jake Shimebukuro’s hands, that’s exactly what happens. You have to see this amazing musician to believe it. He can play the sweetest ballad, traditional Hawaiian song, or Japanese folk song (Sakura) and then somehow segue into jazz, Jimi Hendrix, or rockin’ original compositions using a looping pedal. His arrangements are complex and sophisticated, and he can whip the audience into a delighted frenzy with covers such as Bohemian Rhapsody or While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Jake himself is clearly passionate about his playing and fully engaged with his music and with his audience. He thanks the audience for being there and is authentically humble. He stayed after the performance to meet people in the lobby. I have been to hundreds of concerts in my life and this stands out as one of the top ten.

  21. Miguelina Prevette

    Unforgetable – great music, great entertainment, big smile!

  22. Neta Dolcetto

    Well I was skeptical about a guy with a ukelele but I have to say the show was amazing. Jake played nearly two hours straight with no breaks and just played his heart out. He is amazingly talented and reminded me of some great guitarists I had seen in the past. Al DiMeola came to mind. Just truly a talented artist who is humble and I could tell he genuinely enjoyed what he was doing.

  23. Rico Chinen

    Jake is an incredible musician and one of a kind entertainer. Jake rocks !

  24. Trang Mazurowski

    I was vaguely familiar with Jake Shimabukuro, so didn’t really know what to expect from his show. Whatever expectations I could have had were far exceeded. He is phenomenal!

  25. Corey Buckelew

    Over the years I have been to more music shows than I can count-from rock classical,folk and on…… Jake gave one of the best concertsI have ever seen. I have not seen a mustcian more thoroughly enjoy playing in a long time. His energy, and virtuosity on the uke was amazing! The icing on the cake was the time he spent talking to concertgoers after the show. Come back soon Jake!!

  26. Annamae Coutts

    I love Jake and this was my 3rd concert.
    I’ve only seen him perform on the East Coast so it was a real treat to see him in San Diego. I like how he’s constantly changing the variations of his popular songs.
    No matter what your age and music preference, anybody can enjoy Jake’s concerts.

  27. Spencer Pulos

    We’ve seen Jake performing with his friends in Honolulu, so we jumped at the chance to see him in San Diego and weren’t disappointed. We are constantly amazed at his talent – not only is he a ukelele master, he is also a terrific composer. I know ukelele isn’t something that most people are familiar with, but I would urge anyone who loves music to check out Jake if he comes to your town. You will be blown away!

  28. Rosanne Swinger

    This was my first experience in seeing Jake Shimabukuro live. Wow. Very personable, very appreciative of his sold out performance. As he said during his concert–people come to the performance with low expectations for a ukelele player. (i.e. ukelele = plucking, strumming strings as in the Don Ho era) I’m not sure what I was expecting; I’ve heard some of his pieces before…BUT to watch him play was impressive and exciting!. Who knew a ukelele could produce such wonderful melodic sounds AND rock-n-roll from its FOUR strings? Amazing. You really have to see it for yourself to believe the wonderful music Jake is creating from his instrument.

  29. Dante Torregrossa

    The performance was fantastic, did not know a ukulele could be played like that. However, I had no previous conceptions of Jake Shimabukuro and was expecting traditional Hawaiian ukulele music.
    As far as the show, I would turn down the bass as it sometimes overpowered Jake’s play.

  30. Jude Lavis

    Jake Shimabukuro in concert in Portland was absolutely amazing! This is the best concert I have ever attended at the State Theater. Previous concerts have been ruined by poor sound (too loud).This concert was exceptional in every way including where I sat (orchestra). Besides being a phenomenal player, he was gracious and so happy to be able to play for all of us. He shared some personal things about being a new dad which increased the intimacy with the audience. FABULOUS!!!!!

  31. Flora Siple

    World class musician and world class guy. Just a really great show

  32. Broderick Wal

    The reunion of Pure Heart was unforgettable! It would be nice for them to do it every now and again and maybe now that some water has passed under the bridge and they’ve played together this past Friday will make it easier for them to play together in the future.

  33. Barrett Markovitz

    Fantastic performance in a world-class venue. Jake is an unbelievable talent and the acoustics at the Bijou are ideal for an intimate show like his.

  34. Arnold Worobel

    Did not realize how long we had been watching Jake. Ukulele like you have never heard still!

  35. Rosalia Stathis

    One of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. Jake has a mastery of his instrument, both in technical prowess and playing with feeling. A strong, but humble stage presence.

  36. Yuko Mcnicoll

    Abosolutely a concert to remember. The 2-1/2 hours of continuous music was captivating and nostalgic. Glad to see ‘Pure Heart” with Jon and Lopaka back for this one performance. Hope we’ll see their performance again next year.

  37. Tommy Ritacco

    Jake is THE master of the ukelele. He is one with his instrument. Seeing him live was one of the highlights of my life.

  38. Christopher Barcelo

    He makes his ukulele sing in ways that set him apart from any other artist. He left us wanting more.

  39. Rocky Frames

    I didn’t think it would be possible to enjoy this 2014 concert of Jake’s more than the one I attended in 2011, but I did. It was phenomenal, and the crowd was mesmerized. Jake did an excellent job of mixing the set up with fast-paced, intense numbers and slow, poignant ballads. What he can do with a ukulele is mind-boggling. His artistry and musicality are boundless. As a nice bonus, he is also extremely personable and seems to have such a sweet and beautiful soul. If you have the opportunity, please treat yourself to one of Jake’s concerts. You will not regret it.

  40. Devona Twombly

    The Concert was just amazing… Jake Played with two of his old groups, for the first time in years!!!! no one missed a beat… He also played with a couple of friends, a drummer and an
    eight string Bass player… threw in a couple of tunes by himself, and what more could you ask for. With front row seats in front of the speakers, it wasn’t deafening … just PERFECT

  41. Kathleen Palhegyi

    super, would go again. Very nice music, rock and romantic..

  42. Byron Madinger

    Jake Shimabukuro came onstage and began playing with explosive energy and enthusiasm which carried throughout the concert into his second encore! He gave an outstanding performance for each piece he selected–most from his new CD “Travels.” The combination of virtuosity, musicianship, and showmanship awed the audience.

  43. Serina Roggenbaum

    The beauty of his music and the sound from his ukulele was absolutely amazing. I had only seen his YouTube videos before and was impressed with them, but the videos cannot compare to the experience of Jake live.

  44. Zena Mazowieski

    WoW….They played for 2 and a half hours with just short breaks…Jake has grown so much…i feel blessed to be in attendance.

  45. Kirk Winans

    Mind-blowing sweetness personified, Jake tickles my ears, warms my heart, & feeds my soul every time!!

  46. Nestor Mceniry

    He is a Ukulele virtuoso. Incredible! And he has such a nice way about him.

  47. Veda Pirillo

    He can tear up ukulele! It was AMAZING to see and hear what he can do on just 4 LITTLE STRINGS!! I was in awe and would love to see him again. He puts on a dynamite show!

  48. Cari Aliaga

    Awesome….enjoyed every moment and songs. Pure Heart was a blast to the past. Side Order Band was more then a “side order”. Sweet memories.

  49. Eusebia Kamerer

    Amazing performance by an amazing ukulele master. Definitely recommend for any age.

  50. Rosemary Krill

    Jake emits so much joy the entire time onstage….it’s contagious, and you find yourself smiling ear to ear the whole time! His music is just incredible, and his passion is so apparent! My husband is a well-trained rock music guy, and puts Jake up there with Joe Satriani, Jimi Hendrix….he is an unbelievable musician, and watching him play is just an incredible experience!!! Everyone should see Jake life….once in a lifetime experience!

  51. Jaime Kounlavong

    Jake is a master!! His performance and talent is awe-inspiring!

  52. Etha Grossklaus

    Reallllllly love Jake Shimabukuro! Truly a gifted artist. Played nonstop either solo or with his bass friend. A must see for anyone – this is no ordinary Uke player. Truly extraordinary.

  53. Elliott Sultani

    We really enjoyed Jake’s skill and showmanship in playing the ukelele. He is a gifted composer as well as performer and his improvisation was mind-blowing.

  54. Duncan Winslette

    Jake is a great guy and a wonderful entertainer. If you want to see a UKE player do it all with a UKE this is the concert for you.


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