Jim James Boston MA Tickets, Shubert Theatre - MA, Nov 16, 2018, Concert
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Jim James Boston Concert Tickets in Nov 16, 2018 at Shubert Theatre - MA in 08:00 PM available for sale as part of the announced Jim James North American Live Tour 2018. All latest concert dates, tour schedule, setlist, video, reviews and etc you can find at Jim James Tour Page.

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Shubert Theatre - MA
265 Tremont St
Boston, MA, US


James Edward Olliges Jr. (born April 27, 1978), professionally known as Jim James or Yim Yames, is an American vocalist, guitarist, producer, and primary songwriter of the rock band My Morning Jacket. He has released three solo albums. More...



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8 Responses to “Jim James Boston MA Tickets, Shubert Theatre – MA, Nov 16, 2018, Concert”

  1. Mazie Brimeyer

    As a huge fan of My Morning Jacket, it’s only natural that I would enjoy the front man’s solo stuff as well. Jim James is such an amazing musician. Watching him perform is pretty mesmerizing. Couple that with the aesthetics of the beautiful Orpheum Theater and you have yourself an unforgettable experience!

  2. Stefania Samples

    For me it was all about the sound. Of course, rock shows are loud and I love it, but when the decibel level reaches a point where notes and instrumentation dynamics are indistinguishable, then it’s no longer enjoyable. In this case, it was literally painful. The main chunk of the show was great. While I am picky and would’ve changed a few things about the mix, it felt pretty darn good. However, when they came back out for the encore, it was obvious that the front of house level had been cranked. Nothing sounded good. I couldn’t distinguish words, guitar parts, or anything for that matter. However I had been sucked in to the main part of the show was gone. I love Jim James and I loved seeing him live. It just ended up being anti climatic for me because sound is so important… and the end of the show sounded painful.

  3. Caryl Banther

    Jim James was amazing. Everything i could have hoped for.

  4. Fae Colabrese

    Outstanding show. I’ve seen Jim James 14 times with MMJ and once with Monsters Of Folk and he just get’s better and better every time I see him. He is just a remarkable front man or solo man or side man.

  5. Aaron Rusen

    no complaints, Jim was great & had nice view from side near the bar, no waiting for drinks. fantastic show!!!

  6. Luis Ebrahim

    Best show I’ve ever seen!! Jim signed a guys record! It was just a moving show.

  7. Alonso Donota

    Awesome show. Great atmosphere and presense. Rock on

  8. Jerold Parreira

    anything that includes Jim James on stage your bound to be amazed. Show was insane the venue is one of my favorites The Orphum. I will see this guy every time he comes through town


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