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1990s - 2010s


May 26, 1975 in East Orange, NJ




Contemporary R&B
Adult Contemporary R&B
Alternative Rap

Lauryn Hill the American singer and songwriter will be hitting the road with the Lauryn Hill North American Tour 2018. The tour will kick off in July 2018. The musician will be performing live across 30 cities of the North America. The upcoming tour will see the artist perform some of her best chartbuster tracks like ‘Lost Ones’, ‘Nothing Even Matters’, ‘Forgive Them Father’ etc. The concert dates for the tour have been confirmed and the band will be hitting the road starting from 13th July in Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, PA. The North American leg of the tour will come to an end on 5th October in Chaifetz Arena, St. Louis, MO. The concert tickets for the upcoming 2018 tour of the artist are available for sale. The fans can check the tour dates and tickets availability to confirm their bookings in advance and enjoy the band perform live.

Upcoming concerts

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Date & TimeEventLocation
Aug 8, 2018
07:00 PM
Lauryn HillHolmdel, USA
Lauryn HillPNC Bank Arts Center 116, Garden State Parkway 07733
Sep 7, 2018
06:30 PM
Lauryn HillLas Vegas, USA
Lauryn HillThe Joint At Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas 4455 Paradise Rd 89109
Sep 9, 2018
06:30 PM
Lauryn HillSan Diego, USA
Lauryn HillCal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre 5500 Campanile Dr 92182
Sep 12, 2018
06:00 PM
Lauryn HillPortland, USA
Lauryn HillPortland Veterans Memorial Coliseum 1 Center Court 97208
Sep 14, 2018
05:00 PM
Lauryn HillBurnaby, Canada
Lauryn HillDeer Lake Park 6450 Deer Lake Avenue V5G 1M2
Sep 15, 2018
06:00 PM
Lauryn HillKent, USA
Lauryn HillShoware Center 625 W James St 98032
Sep 18, 2018
07:00 PM
Lauryn Hill & Dave ChappelleLos Angeles, USA
Lauryn HillHollywood Bowl 2301 N Highland Ave 90068
Sep 20, 2018
08:00 PM
Lauryn HillMountain View, USA
Lauryn HillShoreline Amphitheatre - CA One Amphitheatre Parkway 94043
Sep 22, 2018
08:00 PM
Lauryn HillPhoenix, USA
Lauryn HillComerica Theatre 400 West Washington Street 85003
Sep 24, 2018
07:00 PM
Lauryn HillAlbuquerque, USA
Lauryn HillIsleta Amphitheater 5601 University Sblvd. S.e. 87105
Sep 26, 2018
07:00 PM
Lauryn HillMorrison, USA
Lauryn HillRed Rocks Amphitheatre 18300 W Alameda Pkwy 80465
Sep 29, 2018
07:30 PM
Lauryn HillSugar Land, USA
Lauryn HillSmart Financial Centre 77479
Sep 30, 2018
06:30 PM
Lauryn HillIrving, USA
Lauryn HillThe Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory 75039
Oct 3, 2018
07:00 PM
Lauryn HillNew Orleans, USA
Lauryn HillUNO Lakefront Arena 6801 Franklin St 70122
Oct 5, 2018
07:30 PM
Lauryn HillSt. Louis, USA
Lauryn HillChaifetz Arena 1 South Compton Avenue 63103


Lauryn Noelle Hill (born May 26, 1975) is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actress. She is known for being a member of Fugees and for her critically acclaimed solo album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which won numerous awards and broke several sales records.Raised mostly in South Orange, New Jersey, Hill began singing with her music-oriented family during her childhood. More...



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2002MTV Unplugged No. 2.0Ruffhouse
1998The Miseducation of Lauryn HillRuffhouse


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54 Responses to “Lauryn Hill Tour 2018 Tickets, Dates, Concerts”

  1. Sarina Giraldo

    From the opening act of Paul from Haiti, to the end when Lauryn got finished performing, it was simply AMAZING! Everything was right on time, no delays, and an overall spectacular performance. Lauryn’s band was ridiculously good and Lauryn’s voice was pitch perfect and absolutely powerful! She hit every note and never even took a water break for the entire 90 minutes she performed! She is truly a legend and I feel blessed to have seen her perform!!!

  2. Kristyn Abbadessa

    I guess we were out of the loop. She was nearly 2 hours late. Was scheduled to be at 8pm and did not start until 9:54 pm. The band was lackluster. The sound was great.

  3. Latrice Cambell

    Lauryn is still one of the greatest to ever do it !!
    as an Musician, Artist and Femcee.. she’s still untouchable…
    effortlessly spitting bars with the skill and freedom of a jazz saxophonist
    riffing and contorting flows, sounds, shouts and syllables .. it was miracles & magic before our eyes..

    As a fan of Lauryn from the first time we encountered her with the Fugees,
    I was elated and had multiple goosebump moments witnessing her do it all LIVE,
    just a few feet in front of me..
    it was such a beautiful experience.. truly worth the cost, and unquestionably worth the wait
    in regards to the wait.. it wasn’t that long, (felt a lil bad for the DJ- HE def did his thing!)
    truly worth the sore feet and tired eyes the next morning

  4. Noel Penale

    Came on at 11pm. Only had an hour set. Rapped the whole time instead of showing off the voice

  5. Blake Haymond

    Horrible from beginning to end! We left, ate, came back, still bad! I paid to see a concert, not listen to a DJ! Lauryn didn’t come out till 10PM sounded off! We left. Refund?

  6. Chung Beedham

    Lauryn was awesome, beautiful, delightful, powerful, magnificent and all other words to describe greatness and power. I met her as I had VIP access the first I could do before even saying hi was to sing to her lol, with the emotion I felt as she sang to me. She even asked for my info. There aren’t many true artists left…she is truly a living legend.

  7. Lupe Harnage

    I was blown away by Lauryn’s band and herself. Her strong presence, her voice, her performance was more than I had imagined. I love her, her music and what she is all about.
    The problem was the show stated it would start at 8pm. I understand that is the expected time for people to show up and get drinks, get settled, etc… The opening performer arrived around 8:30 ish and was good. However, when the performer stated that we was asked 4 hours prior to the show to open up for Lauryn, made me question how the rest of the night would go. Well, the wait times was really, really bad. I don’t know if it was Lauryn or the show itself or some internal or external issues but waiting for her to come out at almost 945/950 pm was super disappointing when the show ended around 1145. I know most shows last for about 1 1/2 hours or so, but the wait times were ridiculous and not sure if it was the performer or the organizer of the show.

  8. Isaac Sercovich

    I would have given Lauryn a 5 star, but gave her a 4 because she showed up late for a Sunday concert. This was a 7:30pm concert with a DJ Cool Splash (10 year old) and Seun Kuti (Fela’s son) as the opening Acts. The opening acts began sometime after 8pm. Then Lauryn’s DJ played and was really good, but it took a long time before she came on stage, like around 11 pm. There was a time when no one was on stage, except for the music that was playing from her DJ’s record. At some point, my eyes started to close on me. I couldn’t stay till the very end, but I saw her perform up to about 8 songs before I left.

  9. Andreas Solari

    Venue, DJ, atmosphere was all excellent! However, Ms. Lauryn Hill came on inexcusably late which thereby put a damper on the whole event (ended up missing my train!)

  10. Angelo Berge

    What a let down and disappointment.. late and couldn’t understand a word she was saying- along with the fact that it wasn’t even the same music that went with the lyrics. I left 20 minutes after she went on stage. I love her original music, but this was just something completely else and wrong. Too bad I can’t get a refund.

  11. Geoffrey Mccraig

    I saw her in Cincinnati on 2/2. She was incredible! She had an talented artist open for her named Paul Beaubrun. He was great as was the DJ that played in between. If you’ve been wondering what Lauryn Hill has been up to in the last 20 years, she was reimagining and rearranging all of her classic songs and becoming a serious boss on stage. She was amazing in the 90’s, but the mature Lauryn Hill is even better. I can’t think of another artist who can sing AND rhyme like that. I would definitely go see her again.
    PS – she announced on her website that 1/2 of her band was stuck in a snowstorm before the Pittsburgh show and ended up driving for hours and arriving late. In Cincy, she performed from 9:30-11:15. Worth the wait and every penny!

  12. Alishia Odore

    She was hours late, her openings acts were terrible, you could not understand her, she had to direct her band because they were clueless, the DJ got so mad waiting he walked off the stage and would come back periodically to change songs. Terrible!!!

  13. Gene Niebyl

    she was over 2 hrs late. didn’t apologize. she slowed down everyyyy song very hard to enjoy and sing along and to top it off she was so nasty to her band.

  14. Enoch Bassi

    THe worst concert. She was 2 hrs late and her songs did not sound like the originals at all , the band seemed confused and lost. Everyone was confused and lost. Horrible

  15. Anthony Medoza

    If you think you’re going to see and hear 1998 Lauryn Hill, get real. Yes, the show started at 10 and not 8 like I expected, but there were opening acts while Lauryn prepared to give us her best and thats what we got. Lauryns new versions of the songs couldn’t sound any better to me. It was refreshing to see how everyone in the band contributed to the new sound of each song. The band was on point, the background vocals, and Lauryns voice has aged like fine wine. If you have somewhere to be the following morning then for your discretion, there may be a delay. This was a treat for those who love true music. Change is inevitable.

  16. Doreatha Chesnut

    Didn’t enjoy at all. This was my first time seeing her in concert and my last. She showed up 30-35 mins before concert ended to perform. Worse concert ever

  17. Jose Scierka

    We were afraid after hearing the other reviews and stories about Ms. Hill’s lateness, but…fans in Milwaukee lucked out! After opening act (Paul), which was good, the DJ’s set, Ms. Hill took the stage about 9:30 p.m. The band was phenomenal! The background singers were awesome. I think she did a good show, sang all her well-known songs, sounded great. It seemed like she might have had some technical issues onstage as she kept motioning and looking back, which took away from the show, but overall, it was a good time–and glad she was on time!

  18. Sook Wheaton

    I was super excited to see her live. She came late but it didn.t bother me much. After ever song she discussed with sound manager to bring her voice up, the sound up, base up etc. when audience was waiting for the next song. She looked frustrated and she forgot that we came there to have fun vs. listen to her negativity. Killing me softly was a complete disaster. I was waiting for this song to revive the whole experience. She tried to remix it and she blew it. If you did something right and it put you on the top once, just leave it be and keep your fans happy. Ready or not was also disappointing. She is very talented but she lacks showmanship to connect with audience.

  19. Delisa Mevers

    Lauryn Hill performed an awesome concert!! She was on point and reflected the true Lauryn Hill we know and love. Her voice was of high quality the whole night. She covered LBoogie tunes, ballads, Fugee hits, Sade, Nina Simone, Bob Marley, you name it. A must see concert!

  20. Efrain Croucher

    She came on over an hour late. The music was rearranged and sped up so much that it took towards the end of the song to even know what song she was performing. I knew what to expect, but I was stubborn enough to buy the tickets anyway

  21. Branda Glesener

    Im used to late shows but concert started at 8:30 but Lauren didn’t hit the stage until 11:40. The entire concert was remixed to the point the songs were unrecognizable, literally. It was not just my preference on song delivery it’s was as if she was on a upper type high. She’s great artist but this wasn’t her best work.

  22. Alan Torrie

    The show started at 730pm and lauryn hill did not come on stage until 1055pm. Many people left. She had two opening acts, both of which were about 30 minutes long. The DJ starting hyping up the crowd around 9pm but he even got tired around 945 and would put the playlist on auto play and walk off. Apparently, LH is known for this … which I think is really disrespectful. I paid $225 for two tickets and got a 1 hour show from 11pm to 12 midnight. All her songs were sped up (as if someone was holding down the “fast forward” button) so we could barely understand her. Also, she was so focused on directing her band and having the feedback speakers adjusted that she didn’t connect with the crowd at all. Overall, very disappointed for he amount of money I paid. I was looking forward to this show for a long time. LH is EXTREMELY talented and one of the best … but her tAlents are not showcased in her live performances.

  23. Quinton Reutter

    This was the best Friday night I have had in a really long while. Ms. Hill remixed her Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album and dropped it on us. I felt like I was in a spirit filled Sunday at church.

  24. Shelby Filipek

    Lauren made the audience wait at least 1 1/2 he before coming on stage. The performances prior to her arrival were mediocre at best at keeping the audience engaged. The DJ was excellent. Although she is always an advocate for the Afro-culture, and we appreciated listening to a new style of music, we were there to see Lauren. On top of that, more than 20% of the audience left by her second song likely because people had to work in the morning and we couldn’t hear her over the loud church band in the background. Fans like twists on old school songs but we also went there because we liked the original songs and style.

  25. Columbus Levitz

    I left after waiting for her for 3 plus hours. I am so disappointed by this artist and I will most definitely never spend another dollar on anything with her name attached to it. Please don’t waste your time and money.

  26. Veronica Gusman

    Well worth the money, and 2.5 day hearing loss. She and her band were phenomenal.

  27. Claude Leuy

    So disappointed, I’ve waited to see Lauryn Hill perform for years and it was just so bad. she did not play anything to its originality.

  28. Raymundo Bancroft

    The opening act was confirmed less than 4 hours before 8pm. The hip hop venue lasted from 8pm – 10pm. I didn’t pay $150.00 for hip hop or DJs.
    I was disappointed with the lack of communication about when Ms. Hill would be on stage.
    I had to leave at 10pm because even if she had shown up shortly after, the concert was already 2 hours over and would have been at least another hour and a half if not more (perhaps less from what I hear) of her singing. I anticipated being out of the concert by 10:30 pm. What a shame!!!
    She is notoriously late – which I had NO idea was the case.
    How rude to your fans can you be????

  29. Marvis Riggott

    I’m a diehard Lauren Hill Fan but that does not entitle Mz Hill to have me sit there for 2 hours when the show started @ 8 .. If I didn’t know A lot of the words to Lauren Hill’s songs,I would not have known what songs she was singing.. The tempo was so fast it really did her music no justice.. Super disappointed paid good money for my seats and I had to leave cause the show was to chaotic for me, and I was tired from sitting there .. People have to go to work.. Would not pay to see her again .. Instead I’m gonna keep listening to her in my car ..

  30. Alexis Zadina

    The opening acts were interesting and entertaining. The “DJ time” in between the opening acts and Ms Hill was TOO long, you could feel the energy of the crowd waning. The irritation diminished when she finally took the stage around 10pm, she was incredible. I’m glad we stuck it out, some people left.

  31. Pamala Pettis

    I completely misunderstood who was going to be performing and being a part of this tour. I paid the 200 dollars for the floor seat believing what many other people also believed that Nas and Kehlani were a part of this show. Sadly, they were not. Nothing against lauryn Hill but I didn’t believe the show was worth 200 bucks.

  32. Rolf Stensland

    We waited for two long hours for Ms. Hill to start. I don’t really care if Ms. Hill is waiting for the universe to align, or whatever reason she has previously given for being perpetually late to all of her shows (or for not showing up). Her attitude is disrespectful for those of us that waited for her. I have always been a big fan of Lauryn Hill’s music and have admired her as a musician from her time with the Fugees – to her solo career. However, her performance in Miami Beach at the Fillmore, was the worst show I have ever seen. She has so many amazing songs, and yet she managed to render them all incomprehensible. She sang each song at a tempo which made hem unrecognizable. And even if this is because she is contractually bound to alter the songs as they were originally sang (as I read an earlier fan mention) – it was impossible to understand what she was singing regardless. We left early. As did many other concertgoers. Most disappointing concert ever! Do not waste your money if you are thinking of attending a show.

  33. Debroah Bergen

    I was on the edge of my seat the entire time if I wasn’t standing. I found myself deleting apps on my phone to capture numerous moments.

  34. Efrain Norvell

    Opening act was a young rapper that lacked any stage presence. Second local guy Sol was entertaining, warmed up the crowd. Waited some more for a crew to test the equipment. A DJ came out to warm up the crowd some more. He seemed disappointed that everyone was not on their feet. Show was to start at 8, Lauryn did not appear til after 10. Very disappointed in first hour of her performance. Please sing the songs so we can sing along, remixed and sped up versions are terrible. She finally sang a recognizable version of Killing me softly and a couple Sade songs. Not impressed with the way she pointed and directed the band, louder, softer. Felt bad for the guitar player, he looked confused. She came off as bossy. Would not recommend going to her shows. Sound was too loud, unable to hear her words clearly. Tickets not worth full price, thankfully I got them at a discount.

  35. Rey Tenholder

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Ms. Hill has reinvented her classics. Loved every song! The band, DJ and background singers were all amazing. The energy was high and the performance was entertaining. Ms. Hill is a phenomenal MC, so the verses were the best part.

  36. Krissy Davise

    I had concerns when I bought the tickets but gave her the benefit of the doubt. We arrived on time for the show and she was late. They kept feeling in time with horrible local unknown artist until it was painful to sit through. Finally after hours of waiting we left without seeing Lauryn Hill. This was very inconsiderate and unprofessional on the part of the artist and promoters. I will never waste my time or money on Lauryn Hill again and urge you to do the same. I love her music from the past but unfortunately like her music she is of the past.

  37. Tera Slaton

    I will never attend her show again. More than half of her fans left bc she was over 3 hours late. I have heard of her doing this, but never imagined to this level. Huge disappointment.

  38. Daryl Kaneko

    She showed up 45 minutes late and she remixed all her songs. I would never pay to see her again. Big disappointment!!!

  39. Eugenio Rouhoff

    The show started over 2hs later then the time indicated. You could tell there were alot of issues with her mic cause you could not hear her over the band. Besides the fact that the music was very rock, and I was expecting more funk and groove.

  40. Kristi Barns

    Lauryn is incredibly talented!! She sings beautifully and soulfully, spits rhyme skillfully, and plays the acoustic guitar artfully. I am beyond happy her struggles of past have not taken away from her innate ability to truly perform. This concert was better than I imagined. I would see her perform live again and hope she continues to make music.

  41. Marietta Krysinski

    I was very reluctant about attending this concert given all the poor reviews from past shows. I am so happy I decided to go. Ms Hill was on time and she showed up and gave a great show. I really hope she stay on this path and just give the people what they want which is good music. She definitly delivered at the Chicago House Of Blues.

  42. Brianne Maymon

    It hurts to write this review but I feel that it’s important for others to know what they are getting themselves into before buying tickets.
    My wife and I are(yes we still are) both fans of Lauryn but there were several factors that lead me to give this concert 3 stars. In an effort to conserve time for the reader here is the breakdown of the night.

  43. Jone Boward

    If you think you’re going to see a Lauryn Hill from 1998, get real! Yes, she did come on at 10 and not 8 like I expected, but there were opening acts. She was preparing to give us her best and that’s what we got. If anyone has listened to this woman they would know that she wouldnt want us to pay for something mediocre.(Even if it meant having to wait until everything comes together) The sound was perfect, band, vocals were on point. Her voice has aged like fine wine. People who think the sound quality was less than that may be used to hearing beats and not LIVE instruments. It was refreshing to hear the NEW versions of all her songs and watching how each person contributed to the new sound. Truly a treat for those who appreciate true music. If you have plans the following morning then for your discretion, there may be a delay.

  44. Kathey Quirarte

    One of my favorite artist, but it’s very clear now that she has a total disregard for her fans time or money. 3 opening acts feels more like a festival than a theatre event. Still after all of them, she made everybody (the people who were still there, most walked out!) wait another 80 minutes for her to appear. By then all the enthusiasm had literally been sucked out the room. Very disappointing! I left after the 2nd song since it was way after midnight. I left feeling like someone had robbed me.

  45. Rico Chinen

    I have always wanted to see her in concert. Her stage presence is demanding. She has such an engaging spirit. And her band and background singers are flawless. A must-see!

  46. Aline Nicholsen

    Let me begin by saying if you are not a frequent concert goer or do not have an appreciation and love for music and artistry, this concert series is NOT for you. The actual concert did start on time with a local act and Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 followed shortly thereafter. I am a HUGE fan of Fela so being able to witness his son and band live is the closest thing I will get to experiencing him; Seun embodies his father’s energy and spirit.

  47. Cleo Ringham

    the show was supposed to start at 8pm. two opener bands played. then a dj played for another hour and he introduced Ms Hill a few times but she didn’t walk out on the stage until 10:45pm. the sound quality left quite a bit to be desired.

  48. Loan Chauhdrey

    Spend your time and money doing something else. ANYTHING else. You have been warned.

  49. Mechelle Mcrea

    So a few of my friends told me not to waste my money or time. That she wouldn’t show or that she would show very late. But I decided to give Ms Lauryn Hill a chance knowing that the reward could potentially outweigh the risk. I was wrong!

  50. Terry Grundmann

    The whole show no one was in their seats!!! There was a lot of energy in there!!!

  51. Evangelina Pedrosa

    service provider did not say there would be an opener, yet there was a very loud band playing for about an hour. Lauryn took an hour and a half more after the opener to come on stage, did not talk to the audience or acknowledge us, and the music sounded horrible. We were waiting so long, mind you in a venue with no seats, that my heels cut the back of my feet. I am never going to a Lauryn hill concert. I don’t recommend it; I’ve had friends tell me that would happen but I still bought them in the hopes that was an anomaly. I’d get a refund if I could. It was the worst concert experience I’ve ever had.

  52. Reagan Saddler

    This is my first time seeing Lauryn Hill and overall I enjoyed the show. The opening act was Seun Kuti. If you are familiar with the legendary, late Fela Kuti you would enjoy Seun because he’s his son. I thought Seun did a great job and really invoked the spirit of Fela. To add, the whole vibe of his performance went well with the Diaspora theme. Lauryn’s performance overall was great. The background, band and even Lauryn’s vocals were on point. The only downside is that all of her songs were re-arranged in different tempos. I definitely get that an artist grows and we love that. However, I think she should have at least given us one or two songs in their original tempos and arrangements. But if you’re expecting the old Lauryn in terms of hearing familiar sounds, you won’t get that until the very end when she’s rapping some of the Fugees songs. Other than that, I think the show was great. The venue was amazing.

  53. Loren Braddy

    When Lauryn is engaged she can be a dynamic performer. Her rhyme spitting and singing proved to be in top form.

  54. Sung Lafosse

    Voice it still so beautiful, thank you for being on time and being beautiful!


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