Los Tigres del Norte El Paso TX Tickets, Don Haskins Center, Sep 29, 2018, Concert
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Los Tigres del Norte El Paso Concert Tickets in Sep 29, 2018 at Don Haskins Center in 08:00 PM available for sale as part of the announced Los Tigres del Norte North American Live Tour 2018. All latest concert dates, tour schedule, setlist, video, reviews and etc you can find at Los Tigres del Norte Tour Page.

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Don Haskins Center
151 Glory Road
El Paso, TX, US


Los Tigres del Norte (English: The Tigers of the North) is a norteu00f1o group based in San Jose, California, with origins in Rosa Morada, Mocorito, Sinaloa, Mexico. More...



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15 Responses to “Los Tigres del Norte El Paso TX Tickets, Don Haskins Center, Sep 29, 2018, Concert”

  1. Magdalena Demby

    It was a great pleasure to see these great performers.
    I brought my son to listen them to listen to the music and learn that we struggle to give them a better life.

  2. Micah Crumbley

    Like many angelinos I grew up listening to the tigres threw way of my grandfather who just passed a few weeks ago so this concert was really important to me is so many ways and let me tell you they didn’t disappoint! From the opening song till the end they were on point. I felt s if my grandfather was sitting next to me singing along with me.thanks tigres for the memories you are living legends!

  3. Adolph Stenslien

    Great show as ever and the fact that they invited Molotov even better, they both are bands that I like

  4. Gisele Ranildi

    It was unforgettable best band will do this over again.

  5. Lori Gilderman

    When you pay almost $300 I expect at least 3hrs. Tigres had an opening act and fine I get it but by the time they did the set up for them it took 20min more. So they were only on stage for 1h 45min. And that’s where my problem is. Never again.

  6. Evelina Albino

    Growing up in a Mexican household Los Tigres del Norte would be on my parents radio every time we would clean on the weekend. Now that I’m all grown up the message they send through their music strikes even deeper especially in the times we are in now. I’m so glad I got to see these legends play at least once because in all honesty they are the best concert I have gone to so far. I hope to see them again sometime in the future!

  7. Bradford Brodfuehrer

    That was a surprise for my mom birthday to hear a favorite artist lis tigeres de nortes yesssss we have fun

  8. Lauren Tartaglione

    Los Tigres was really fun. I enjoyed taking my parents to see them. However, we all felt that Molotov was such an odd choice of an opener. I looked around and most people (older Latino folks) also appeared unimpressed. So yes I recommend Los Tigres but not if they play with Molotov.

  9. Roosevelt Vantassel

    Awesome show! I didn’t really like the opening show

  10. Blake Hemrich

    Molotov opened the show, they were great! Although there were some issues with sound. Then Los Tigres del Norte came out and, of course, they were AWESOME! I always wanted to go to their concert and they did not disappoint. They have great on stage presence and gave a great show.

  11. Selena Wisner

    Not what I expected. They seemed off. At times they were off beat and only played for 2 hours missing a lot of their songs. Will not see them in concert again.

  12. Darryl Canatella

    Everything was great. Cools. Beer. Yeah really good seats

  13. Roberto Denning

    AMAZING Show and it was not to crowded. Next time it should be on a Saturday that was my only dislike.

  14. Herminia Rougeau

    They were great, but was not feeling the opening act. Should of been norteño music and not heavy rock.

  15. Rosamaria Friskney

    This was one of the worst shows I’ve ever been to they were completely out of tune and they did not coordinate with each other. It sounded like they were lip singing


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