Madeleine Peyroux Tour 2018 Tickets, Dates, Concerts


1990s - 2010s


1973 in Athens, GA




American Popular Song
Vocal Pop
Contemporary Jazz
Adult Alternative Pop/Rock
Vocal Jazz

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2016Secular HymnsVerve
2013The Blue RoomDecca
2011Standing on the RooftopDecca
2009iTunes Live in LondonUniversal
2009Bare BonesRounder Select
2006Half the Perfect WorldNew Rounder
2004Careless LoveRounder Select
2004Got You on My MindWaking Up Music


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7 Responses to “Madeleine Peyroux Tour 2018 Tickets, Dates, Concerts”

  1. Byron Grago

    Went to see for Rickie Lee Jones, been a fan since I was 15, always wanted to see her amazing talent, now a new fan of Madeliene’s Beautiful voice, reminds me of Judy Garland.

  2. Lincoln Frankovich

    Madeleine Peyroux and Ricky Lee Jones – two great musicians together at one show. Both put on terrific shows. I can’t think of a better way to spend a night than to listen to good music and good story-telling.

  3. Mercedez Rufo

    both Rickie Lee Jones and Madeleine Peyroux were amazing. great show!

  4. Marlin Jasionowski

    Strange evening at the Peyroux and Jones concert. Ricki Lee was unrecognizable, no stage presence, nothing coherent to say to the audience, and struggled to control her breath and high notes. When Madeleine joined her on stage they sang the 1970’s hit “Rock On” – lethargically and with odd political commentary. It seemed more like a skit on Saturday Night Live than a professional concert. Madeleine was funny, charming and melodious. She struggled tuning her instruments while the audience waited. No road crew traveling with this band?

  5. Sandi Morger

    3 hours of pure bliss.
    Started with Rickie Lee Jones and her amazing percussionist and guitarist. A consummate storyteller whose voice has maintained its haunting quality over the years.
    Then Madeleine Peyroux joined her for a couple of numbers. They sound great together, the musicians they travel with are wonderful.
    Madeleine Peyroux creates an intimate trio with a bass player and Jon Harrington, guitarist from Steely Dan. She plays the guitar and uke. Her set is more polished, which I don’t prefer generally, but she sounded great.

  6. Rosendo Tompsett

    Wow! This concert was really good. I was wondering how the two of them could possibly mesh in the same show – their styles are so different but they pulled if off. Ricki Lee Jones was really spectacular-first time I have seen her live and she is such a talent. Great connection with guitarist and percussion/vibes guy. Totally enjoyed her set. They even did two songs together as well before intermission. No “Chuckie” however – a small disappointment. Madeleine Peyroux was very good as well. Unfortunately the seats at the Wilbur were so small and incredibly uncomfortable that physical pain limited how much I could listen and enjoy her set. Not to take away from her performance at all however. Just too much music in awful seats. Completely recommend this show – they were great.

  7. Bud Witman

    Madelaine and her band were sensational; we wanted more. Rickie Lee was a complete yawn; she appeared to be half asleep, we could hardly understand a word she sang or said, the music was uninteresting, and her gig was about half an hour too long.


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