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The popular American and Australian Christian pop rock band Newsboys will be hitting the road with their Newsboys North American Tour 2018. The concert dates for the tour have been announced and the tour will kick off on 20th July in Aiken, SC. The performances of the rock band will be spread across 45 cities of the North America. The tour will feature the famous rock band performing live to some of their greatest hit numbers like ‘In The Belly Of The Whale’, ‘You Are My King’, ‘Take Me To Your Leader’, ‘Entertaining Angels’ etc. The Newsboys tour will come to a close on 16th December in Huntington, WV. The concert tickets for the tour are available for sale. The fans are advised to check the concert dates and detailed tour schedule and the tickets availability of so that they do not miss out on the action.

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2016Love RiotColumbia Records
2014Hallelujah for the CrossFirst Company
2013RestartSparrow Records
2012Live in Concert: God's Not DeadEMI Music Distribution
2011God's Not DeadCMD
2010Born AgainInpop Records
2009In the Hands of GodInpop Records
2008Newsboys Live: Houston We Are GoInpop Records
2006Double TakeEMI Music Distribution
2006GoInpop Records
2004DevotionEMI CMG
2003Adoration: The Worship AlbumSparrow Records
2002Newsboys RemixedSparrow Records
2002ThriveSparrow Records
1999Love Liberty DiscoStar Song Communications
1998Step Up to the MicrophoneDV&A
1996Take Me to Your LeaderVirgin
1994Going PublicCapitol
1992Not AshamedCapitol
1992Boys Will Be BoyzStar Song Communications
1991TurnStar Song Communications
1990Hell Is for WimpsDV&A


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51 Responses to “Newsboys Tour 2018 Tickets, Dates, Concerts”

  1. Billie Damerell

    Newsboys gets better and better every show. I love them and their love for God

  2. Makeda Wallor

    I finally got to see the Newsboys originals along with the new front man Michael Tait! I’ve seen Tait in concert both solo & with his original band Dctalk but this tour is something I’ve been wanting for years now & I was not disappointed!!! It was better than I could have imagined. Skill, energy, passion, heart & anointing can all be found in this show.

  3. Cletus Otake

    Great time. Awesome show. Enjoyed by the entire family

  4. Freddie Facello

    By far kne of the best shows I have ever been to. Everything was just perfect. Music, venue. Even the parking was great!

  5. Harold Pfahler

    It was the perfect mix of old and new songs and the newsboys brought it!

  6. Alisa Lisman

    We attended the event as a family, 3 children of our own ages 7, 10 and 16 and a 16 year old friend. Enjoyed tremendously by all!!

  7. Kattie Masiello

    My mother initially wanted to attend this event, but no one would go with her. She called to see if I was interested and I didn’t want her to go alone but I had never heard of it. So, I bought our tickets online and we attended, and I am so glad I did! It was moving. My soul was renewed when I left, I felt I was at an amped up version of church with talented artists and soulful music played within several different genres. Young and old seemed to be moved and were dancing and singing. I never thought I would enjoy something like this, but I did. I would go if they came around again.

  8. Callie Kalvaitis

    I loved the smaller feel to BJC for this concert. thanks.

  9. Victorina Cezil

    Excellent concert, I love Newsboys, the music is great, band members are very humble. Stop pushing Child Fund so much down people’s throats.

  10. Zada Litalien

    It was our first time seeing Newsboys in Concert. The concert was awesome, hope to see them again. We had excellent seats.

  11. Tiffanie Guion

    I wasn’t prepared for how awesome Newsboys show was. Duncan is insane on those drums. Go see them if you ever get the chance!

  12. Celina Stoneham

    I dislike the united tour , I did went to the Love tour last year and for sure was lot better.

  13. Chong Dunne

    Seeing the new Newsboys performing their songs and the former Newsboys all in the same concert was amazing and brought back lots of great memories! It was very special to see them all join together on the same stage to perform at the same time as well. I hope they do another tour like this. I would definitely go back!

  14. Bernarda Greet

    Our 4th time seeing them! They never disappoint! Only God could pull past and present members together on one stage in such unity. They truly celebrated each other and glorified the heart of God. CJ may be Tait’s biggest fan!:)

  15. Yong Kleinmann

    It was great to hear the old sounds and the new sounds of the Newsboys, and the interaction. It was all I could have wished from such a concert!

  16. Anthony Davolt

    These guys are such incredible musicians and Christians. They have made such a difference in my life. THANK YOU NEWSBOYS!

  17. Matthew Blisset

    They were awesome! I’d love to see Newsboys at this venue again!!

  18. Ezekiel Kizewski

    This is one of the best concerts I have ever seen and I have seen many.

  19. Tawana Saice

    Love Newsboys!! They love God and People! Gods NOT Dead!!

  20. Lorina Chery

    I loved the show and I would see it again and again! I’ve been a huge fan of the Newsboys since 2001 and seeing all the guys back together made my heart so full! They played about 30 Newsboys songs, new and old – highlight of my year so far!

  21. Monica Plecker

    Newsboys United was really, really good! I highly recommend this show!

  22. Myron He

    I brought my daughter with me and it was an unforgettable experience for her. The show was fantastic especially as a reunion show with two of the original members.

  23. Vashti Patient

    The show was great and the process for getting the tickets was quick, easy and affordable!

  24. Quentin Golda

    Having Paul and Joel sing original Newsboys songs with Tate singing newer made the night wonderful! Always a class act and Zealand was good opener.

  25. Carson Nagelhout

    Wow! I wanna go again! Loved having them all together! A great night of people uniting under one name…Jesus!

  26. Aurore Kupferberg

    Though the concert was awesome, the room was a bit chilly as it is also a hockey arena.
    I’ve been to two of their concerts in the last six months, and both have been terrific!

  27. Orville Blanch

    Excellent show great band have followed them for over 20 years still put on a great show with God getting top billing!

  28. Mickey Moede

    The United concert was really great. We traveled 3 1/2 hours to see it and it did not disappoint us. Seeing Peter Furler back as well as Phil Joel was very exciting and having them share the show with Michael Tait and the newer members to do the songs they made popular was unforgettable. Probably one of the best concerts we have seen for years. Our son passed away in 2011 and was a huge Newsboy fan. We could only imagine how excited he would have been. What a blessing,

  29. Olevia Upp

    The Newsboys United concert was one of my favorite concerts ever. I really wish that they would make a DVD or download of the concert.

  30. Kiyoko Sarkisian

    This was an great concert. These guys worked very hard to put on an amazing show. Trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend seeing this show if it comes to a town near you. I drove 2-1/2 hours to see it.

  31. Phil Gitzen

    This is my third time seeing them. I loved seeing them each and every time. This time it was called Newsboys United, didn’t know for sure why but, found out it was because two of the original Newsboys came back and sang with them. They were good, but I do like Mike singing over the old singers. They were good, but I’m not familiar with the old songs. Yes, I would go see them again even if the old singers are back. Thanks Newsboys for such GREAT MUSIC!!!!

  32. Tomika Schnure

    First of all, long, long time fan. Love old original Newsboys and could’ve stayed all night if Peter and Phil were singing oldies. Tate is very good and the band rocks. I would highly recommend for every age and gender. It was an awesome concert. Would love to see Original Newsboys in their own concert. The Palace is a neat venue , but I prefer a large church out of town.

  33. Joaquin Tornabene

    What a wonderful concert, Newsboys United. There was a great sense of nostalgia throughout the evening, beginning when Phil Joel exclaimed “I get to be a Newsboy again.” When Peter Furler and Phil Joel came out on stage during “He Reigns,” it was one of the most unforgettable concert moments I have experienced. The older Newsboys songs were great to hear again, and were an excellent representation of that era. A lot of emotion when they played songs like “Shine” and “Breakfast.” Running in to Peter Furler on the concourse before the concert was a pleasant surprise as well. The current-era Newsboys played their recent hits, and I loved the closing song, without giving away spoilers. They played for between 1:30 and 1:45 with an intermission, and it was an appropriate length and selection of songs. Of course, Duncan Phillips got to play a drum solo on his spinning platform, which is always a crowd pleaser. One thing that really set this show apart was the sense of worship of God throughout the evening. It felt less like a concert and more like a sing along or worship time with old friends. If this tour comes near, I would highly recommend it. It was easily in my top three favorite concerts I have attended.

  34. Ouida Headen

    Met them and shook there hand. They prayed with my wife. Loved it. She was glowing all night.

  35. Dean Aiuto

    Newsboys at the Colosseum were too loud. We left after an hour, my middle daughter was almost in tears. We thought a Christian concert would be the perfect venue for her to enjoy. But her ears are hurting so much from the loud music that we just left. Very disappointing after buying five tickets that we all had to leave.

  36. Lucrecia Drach

    This was the best concert I have ever seen! The Newsboys rock!

  37. Dewey Amuso

    Such amazing artist, the best concert I have been to in a very long time.

  38. Caleb Mendosa

    I have attended Christian concerts for many years and this was one of the best performancesI have seen! God was truly present in this arena on Friday night!

  39. Adalberto Egerton

    The concert brought old school Newsboys with the New Newsboys and truly United to glorify the Lord

  40. Georgia Waska

    I only wish the concert was another two hours longer! I’ve loved these guys since the early 90s – so many hits over that time so they couldn’t get to them all. But it was SO GOOD! The theater was gorgeous. I’d make the four hour drive back for another event just to see that theater again!

  41. Estelle Dillenbeck

    This was an incredible show. The current, and original members of the Newsboys, as well as Zealand performed flawlessly.

  42. Herminia Pascual

    Can you tell me you’ve seen a concert where the drummer’s stage actually went vertical, while he was playing, and never skipped a beat!??! Newsboys worth seeing regardless of your musical tastes. Family-friendly too!!

  43. Malia Kimak

    This was my first time seeing this incredible Christian music rock band, but it won’t be my last! I opted for the $100 Ultimate VIP experience, and I’m so glad I did! There was a Q&A with ALL members of the band – which included 2 original members for this tour – as well as a Photo Op with them before the show!
    The venue was perfect size, the acoustics were great, the staff was SO nice – it was a wonderful experience. Seriously!
    Where to sit would be a double edged sword. I do lighting, so I usually prefer to be in the back, by the crew, so I get THEIR perspective – and honestly – that’s where it’s usually the best to actually watch a show. But with this show, I was 5th row, center. Actually, Stage Left of the vanity walk. It was perfect! I was directly in front of the subs, and just down from their stage left line array. I FELT GOD! The sound was not overwhelming or loud, to me. It was perfect! The subs made you feel the music more than you would had you been sitting farther back.
    If I can brag on the lighting for these guys, for a moment. I met their guy, I believe his name was Greg, and he was amazing! I saw his rig, and it was nothing major, it was perfect. He worked every fixture the way it was designed, and it complimented the music and lyrics perfectly. I’m guessing he’s been doing this for a while, at least for these guys. Lighting is pretty much all psychology and computer science, paired with math and music. I wish I had gotten the chance to tell him, in person, how impressed I was with his interpretation of the songs.
    I don’t want to give too much away. There’s a lot of energy and talent coming from that stage! I only saw ONE performer giving a note to the monitor guy, and that is, in itself, impressive! Everything changes once you get going.
    I was simply impressed.
    With everything!
    I just saw they are coming to Columbia, MO in July, and I’m ready to get my ticket to that show as soon as they go on sale…
    BTW, up until 2 weeks ago, I had never even heard of the Newsboys! It’s been a rough year, losing my best friend 3 weeks after she found out she had Stage 4 brain cancer, and then losing my beloved Mother 2 weeks after that! I lost not one, but 2 dogs in that time frame, as well as my nephew (he was my Godson) and also had to get BOTH of my hips replaced at the end of last year. I am only 51, and a young 51 at that! (I do lighting for a Beatles Tribute and travel the world with a rock band!)
    So, I have been floundering with my faith, being raised Catholic. I was Saved April 13, 1997, and I was on FIRE for God for a long, long time. But it slowly faded, and I feared that fire had died. I’d gone to see “I Can Only Imagine” – and I’m probably the only person in the world that was NOT moved by that movie. It felt like a made-for-tv type production. It was predictable to me. So, when I left the movie theater, I saw a poster for “God’s Not Dead 2” – and when I got home, I looked for it online. I watched the first one online, and cried like a baby! IT truly touched my heart! Well, the next day, I went to see “God’s Not Dead 2” in the theater the next day, and again, cried like a baby! So, I went home and googled the band on the movie, thinking it was a fictional one. Nope! They’re REAL, and they were going to be 4 hours from home in a few days, so I went on to service provider, found a single ticket, found a room the night before and after, and felt that it was God trying to push me that way.
    I then found that I’d missed an entire movie! There are 3 movies in the series as of now. I’d watched all 3 (1, 3, 2 was my order of watching), and I can’t wait, as there’s supposed to be one more coming down the line!
    This was an amazing series of events. God also put a lady directly in my path. I’d gotten to the venue extremely early, to buy a shirt for the photo op. I went back to the room and got ready. Then, when I returned, I met Lisa. She walked up at the same time I did. She was also alone! She’d driven in from my area (about 2 hours away from me), and her seat was DIRECTLY in front of mine, so if that isn’t God, I don’t know what is!
    So, not only did I find an incredible music group, see an incredible show, watch 3 great movies, was able to go because I was off work this particular time, but I made a new friend! God knew I needed someone, and this lady was there.
    Thank God for the Newsboys! I pretty much know I was headed towards death from lack of faith, sadness, and self shame and pity. These guys on stage translated God’s message to me, into a form I could understand – and I am thankful!
    Go see this show – you’ll love it – period!

  44. Dustin Massay

    They gave us a double concert – playing first set over an hour and second one at least 45 minutes……was incredible. Thank you for the heart you have for God and to serve all of us, the kids, and the needy. We are inspired by the thoughts you all transform into music to celebrate the Lord. Thank you

  45. Shelby Hynum

    It was fantastic to see the past and the present of the Newsboys. If you know the old stuff and the new, you will love this because you get it all!

  46. Kory Stoltzman

    This was one of the best concerts I have been to. The light show was amazing! If you like the old newsboys, you get a really healthy dose of that while still getting all your favorite Michael Tait stuff!

  47. Jong Nordman

    Newsboys United Tour is worth every penny you’ll spend on tickets, and then some! If you’re a fan of the earlier line-ups, the current line-up, or all of ’em, this is a concert you do NOT want to miss. They performed songs from Not Ashamed all the way to Go with Peter Furler and songs from every album in which Michael Tait has been with them, plus the single they released together last year. It was everything I expected and more, especially being my first Newsboys concert. And of course, they unashamedly proclaimed Jesus and the NEED to keep living for HIM throughout, which is WHY we gathered there in the first place. With Phil Joel playing bass again and Jody, Duncan, and Jeff doing their most excellent as usual, it made for a great night out for my wife and I. Would definitely go to another show on this tour and any other that they do. For an added bonus, Phil Joel’s band, Zealand, opened for this show as well as Adam Agee – both great also. GO to one of these shows if at all possible! God Bless!

  48. Camelia Mauzey

    I have seen Newzboys several times and they are always great! Will always see them when in my area. Love them! They put on such a great show!

  49. Janeth Beckfield

    I am so proud I was able to enjoy this with family. The Guys was awesome 🙂

  50. Isabell Sous

    What a fantastic show. Very entertaining, great music and some great charitable opportunities to be a part of as well.

  51. Tyrone Sucharski

    This show was incredible! They are all so talented and humble. I would highly recommend seeing the Newsboys live for the United Tour!


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