Public Image Ltd Austin TX Tickets, Mohawk - Austin, Oct 25, 2018, Concert
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Public Image Ltd Austin Concert Tickets in Oct 25, 2018 at Mohawk - Austin in 08:00 PM available for sale as part of the announced Public Image Ltd North American Live Tour 2018. All latest concert dates, tour schedule, setlist, video, reviews and etc you can find at Public Image Ltd Tour Page.

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Mohawk - Austin
912 Red River
Austin, TX, US


Public Image Ltd (abbreviated as PiL) are an English post-punk band formed by singer John Lydon (a.k.a. More...



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14 Responses to “Public Image Ltd Austin TX Tickets, Mohawk – Austin, Oct 25, 2018, Concert”

  1. Curt Robbins

    Challenging setlist, ranging from brilliant to absolutely miserable selections. Moderately adequate performance with a rented bassist and second generation performers. Bright spots included “Flowers of Romance” and show opener “This is Not a Love Song”.

  2. Shena Shamonsky

    Saw these guys last night as I was waiting to see them since I have been follow their music in the 80, the repertory was great, the sound was good also and the venue very personal. Mr. Johnny (Rotten) still has the powerful voice that I always admired since he was with the Pistols in the 70’s. The band sounded like a truck!!! Anger is an ENERGY!!!!!!

  3. Kareen Perruzzi

    The show was exactly as I expected except for the age of the crowd. I forgot we are all old punks now. I guess there are a few advantages….no mosh pit and the show went on shortly after 9:00. He did show he is still a performance artist and played for nearly two hours. Old does not equal lame. I wish there had been some younger folks there to see this punk icon….punk icon is definitely an oxymoron right?

  4. Jaime Parzych

    Sid Vicious would be rolling over in his grave right about now. PIL with f ront man Johnny Rotton is still rocken and still got a great voice but what I could not understand was the light show. PIL with a light show, what is that??? I gues it is 2010 and not 1980 so he has joined the times. I did not see the spit and vigor in him that I did when I saw PIL around 30 years ago. I also did not see any slamming, surfing or jumping on stage and I wonder if he spit on anyone? The show was good but more modern that I expected. The venue sucked though Terminal 5

  5. Caron Engle

    It’s hard to describe PIL’s live sound. I heard someone describe it as a Punk Rock Rave. That is a pretty good description. PIL live is equal parts Punk, Funk, Dance, Trance, Rock, and Theatre.
    John Lydon is a FORCE onstage. The songs are long and he sings almost every second of them all. No one quite sings like him.
    Bottom line is, I was blown away by this show! I found myself wishing I didn’t have seats and was on the floor so I could dance.
    I am writing this review 2 days after the show and I am still basking in the afterglow of this show.

  6. Grover Skar

    Manic, Hypnotic, influential, disturbing…oh, and pretty damn rockin…..Just plain good!

  7. Cristin Praska

    I did not realize what an amazing voice this guy had.
    Great showman.

  8. Rosana Voice

    johnny lydon put on a great performance!! very happy i attended

  9. Manuel Huus

    Johnnie Lydon still has the same “piss and vinegar” as he did 30 years ago and it was a true JOY to experience him and PIL

  10. Ermelinda Waiss

    John Lydon (nee Johnny Rotten a long time ago) and his tight-knit band tore up Culture Room November 5th ! Great song choices and Johnny was spot on for the whole show, giving a 110% like he always does. There is a great story here, from unwanted poor Irish sick kid, to transplanted Londoner to the most hated and feared man in the UK, if not the world, as the lead singer of the Sex Pistols. After the heroin overdose death of his friend
    Sid Viscious (thanks a lot Nancy), John removed himself from the punk scene and reinvented himself as the front man of Public Image Limited. Now, he’s an American,
    quite successful and as brilliant, snarky and truthful as ever. Indeed, he is a true
    ‘Warrior’. PIL played their new song, ‘Betty Page’ and while most poseurs and fratboys in the audience didn’t get it, Betty really made her name posing for Bunny Yeager photos here in South Florida in the 60’s. Made The Road Rise With You, John and PIL !

  11. Serena Ibara

    Great show, John Lydon has not lost his touch! The band was tight with an impressive mix of musicians, some I believe are original members… Really enjoyed their new songs as well as their classics… And the H.O B. is always a great venue…

  12. Pinkie Hilmes

    18 years since I last saw a Pil show, They are even better. With no album to promote, the band played for more than two hours. Playing a great collection of their songs, the band was tighter than I remember. Johnny was in great form, a great performance. See them, sign them to your label!

  13. Inez Roets

    A cornucopia a blissful experience of like minded people no words can express thEe experience oV witnessing a “PiL zone” never in my life had I smelled theE amplifiers in thEe venue screaming and begging to be turned down actual smoke came out oV the speakers while Jon Lyndon insisted “more bass, turn up the bass” in a haunting and epic voice. I cannot express that this is a must for all to witness a true company at its best can’t wait for the next meeting with thEe PiL company!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Glennie Bates

    Mr. Lydon and the band were unbelievable. John’s voice was howling in amazement. They are back! I am still your number one fan.


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