Public Image Ltd New Orleans LA Tickets, The Civic Theatre, Oct 9, 2018, Concert
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Public Image Ltd New Orleans Concert Tickets in Oct 9, 2018 at The Civic Theatre in 08:00 PM available for sale as part of the announced Public Image Ltd North American Live Tour 2018. All latest concert dates, tour schedule, setlist, video, reviews and etc you can find at Public Image Ltd Tour Page.

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The Civic Theatre
510 O'Keefe Avenue
New Orleans, LA, US


Public Image Ltd (abbreviated as PiL) are an English post-punk band formed by singer John Lydon (a.k.a. More...



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13 Responses to “Public Image Ltd New Orleans LA Tickets, The Civic Theatre, Oct 9, 2018, Concert”

  1. Kareem Mccoskey

    great band shame about the poor sound quality on the night. nice venue though.

  2. Randi Lareau

    That show was really great, I love that venue, great location, easy parking, lots of bars and places to sit and anywhere you wind up you can still see, because its small. Johnny was awesome his voice, gestures, movements are incredible. It sounded really good too, not too loud or distorted.

  3. Alla Hondorp

    went on stage by 9. rocked it until nearly 11. played a mix of songs. his voice is amazing.

  4. Eldridge Deleppo

    The band was amazing, high energy, looked and sounded great. A good mix of popular and deeper stuff! The crowd was a bit of a dud, though.

  5. Melony Finnin

    PIL was EXCELLENT! Rotten sounded as good as he did, or better than when I last saw him in 1989 at the Palladium. His enthusiasm, stage presence and entertaining were superb. He was very gracious as well. The rest of the band was also very good. PIL fans would love this show. Great selection of their historic works. Terminal 5 continues to be one of the, if not the WORST venue in Manhattan, where it is a struggle to see the band, due to the layout of the venue.

  6. Marcelene Willegal

    Wow. John Lydon seems to be doing the best shows now that he is in his 50’s compared to 20 or 30 years ago with PiL. The show was amazing and his band were great. The guitar player was like a character out of an Oliver Twist novel. John has forged a unique sound that is his alone and much like painters painting, or a poets poetry, really expresses his personal outlook and soul, encompassing politics, personal beliefs, and experience in this thing we call life. Was blown away by his message of “oneness” and how we all were included in this family of people his music has created called PiL.

  7. Joya Maffucci

    I HAD A BLAST!!!!!

  8. Rutha Ranks

    Johnny was in great form and entertaining as usual the band was just as tight. One of the best concerts of the year. Just hope I don’t have to wait so long for the next tour.

  9. Arla Brient

    John Lydon may be the best performer I have ever seen. This show was unbelievable. His voice has not lost any of its primal virtuosity.

  10. Carolyne Schweda

    John was in great voice and the band played amazingly well. The show was over 2 hours long, too. They played practically everything off the 1st record.

  11. Selene Mcguffie

    John Lydon aka Rotten is definitley a great showman. The band was much better than I expected. It was great to see Lu on guitar being a big Damned fan. Excellent! Johnny is just fasinating to see live. Im very glad I went.

  12. Johnathon Confalone

    From start to finish one of the best rock and roll shows i’ve ever seen. PiL launched right in with This Is Not A Love Song and ran song after song with unbelievable intensity. Lydon’s voice was unreal, strong every note attacked with purpose. His dancing was something bizarre yet had a soft pleasant feel that I could watch forever. The band rocked every song hard with wild, fast, yet precise flailing on some kind of guitar, numerous basses and drums. Building and building each song into a wild frenzy like a left right punch. The show was sick, beautiful, stuck in my head, something you never see anymore. One of those shows i’ll never forget

  13. Sanjuanita Maricle

    PIL in Williamsburg was a truly great show. The nearly 2.5 hr set made up for the terrible 2 hrs of DJ treacle that preceded it. Johnny Rotten/Lydon still has the chops and the attitude (nice job threatening to smash the face of a spitter!) and tell it like it is (“I’d tell you you all look as good as ever, but I’d be lying”). Solid set from start to finish with highlights of Love Song, Public Image, Flowers of Romance, Religion, Tie to me to the Length of That & Warrior (others may differ in faves). Alas, Johnny sped off w/o signing anything. Do you ever get the feeling you’ve been swindled? Not me last night! My ears are still ringing (which is a good thing)


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