Steel Pulse Hampton NH Tickets, Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Sep 14, 2018, Concert
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Steel Pulse Hampton Concert Tickets in Sep 14, 2018 at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in 08:00 PM available for sale as part of the announced Steel Pulse North American Live Tour 2018. All latest concert dates, tour schedule, setlist, video, reviews and etc you can find at Steel Pulse Tour Page.

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Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
169 Ocean Blvd,
Hampton, NH, US


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14 Responses to “Steel Pulse Hampton NH Tickets, Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Sep 14, 2018, Concert”

  1. Dannie Ambert

    Amazing awesome show. Standing room only, one hit after another. The place was rockin. Would have been the show of the year, but after a big set finale, they came back with some subdued newer tunes and kind of lost the crowd.

  2. Darby Mishulouin

    Both Steel Pulse and the Wailers took the stadium that night. I went to B52’s and English Beat night before and that show didnt hold a candle to this one

  3. Janell Yarboro

    I love these guys! I come out to see them every year at the OC Fair and every year they put out a great show! I love the vibe and the music is fantastic!!

  4. Beverlee Eggimann

    Great! Glorious!! Respect! Better and Better than ever!!

  5. Marjory Merthie

    Best show I’ve seen of theirs! Would definitely like to see them again at Pacific Amphitheatre.

  6. Shari Demko

    Steel Pulse show was amazing, and should have received much more attention by its audience than it did. I am not talking about the thousand plus avid fans who congregated in the dance pit at BBKings to dance and rejoice in Steel Pulse classic reggae syncopated drum and base lines, and lead singer David Hinds’ pitch-perfect voice. They all had a good time with 3 or 4 (I stopped counting) encores. What totally pissed me off were the crowd seated (or so they should have) at the BBKing’s higher level tables (reserved for dining and drinking, not just drinking at the bar). These people came for reasons unknown to me. Who cares about your internet search for a sushi restaurant, Mr. Loud at the next table, while David Hinds graced us with a solo acoustic guitar version of Bob Marley’s JAH Live? Why the constant jumping up from the table in front of me to greet your friends and thus not being aware you are blocking my view? The audiences have changed. Where as I am used to go to Reggae concerts for the music, to listen, dance and participate in the cultural exchange of Jamaica, Reggae, Roots and Culture, nowadays I see more and more Spring Breakers coming to Reggae shows to be entertained by themselves and their friends, to get drunk and become unruly and loud and disrespectful of others, who paid equal money to listen to the music and not to listen to themselves.

  7. Ruthann Napolitano

    Nice tight smooth drivin riddims. Positivity, joy 4 all.

  8. Carl Bene

    Ageless reggae band performed as expected. Rocked the OC fair w/ irie and tight rastafari grooves.

  9. Hermina Statum

    There is only one problem with this show – it comes to an end! Everything was so great (sound, arrangements, set list, etc…) that I was kind of hoping it would just go onandonandon! No such luck. Go go go and bring your friends!

  10. Sol Shiraishi

    Wicked vibes. Great venue and great show. Highly recommended

  11. Conception Morgensen

    Steel Pulse are geniuses…bottom line. I am and will always be
    a fan and a supporter for life. Can’t wait to see them again.

  12. Hoyt Oakland

    We used to watch Steel Pulse back in the day. They come from the same home town as I do. Pity it was nowhere near as lively as back then. No passion. Just coming out and playing through their greatest hits without any enthusiasm. People will always show up for a named reggae band, but only once. We left half way through.

  13. Willie Smuin

    My wife and I had an amazing evening that we will never forget. Steel Pulse was excellent and they sounded great. We will be back the next time they’re in town….

  14. Omega Lecount

    Second time seeing steel pulse at the pacific amphitheater and somehow this group of living legends continues to get better and better. Happy 40th guys you are amazing!


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