Stephen Stills Augusta GA Tickets, Miller Theater - GA, Nov 11, 2018, Concert
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Stephen Stills Augusta Concert Tickets in Nov 11, 2018 at Miller Theater - GA in 08:00 PM available for sale as part of the announced Stephen Stills North American Live Tour 2018. All latest concert dates, tour schedule, setlist, video, reviews and etc you can find at Stephen Stills Tour Page.

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10 Responses to “Stephen Stills Augusta GA Tickets, Miller Theater – GA, Nov 11, 2018, Concert”

  1. Marylin Fawson

    Stephen Stills & Judy Collins are both classic-rock legends & performed their hits that baby-boomers fondly remember plus some new songs & covers. Her voice is holding up better than hiis. Their backing band was great.

  2. Monroe Montagne

    Sorry to say that Stephen Stills has no voice left…..the highlight of the show was when Collins had the stage to herself, as she still sings like an angel. But listening to harmonies on CSN, Buffalo Springfield or Traveling Wilburys tunes was painful.

  3. Scotty Plocica

    We both enjoyed it very much. It was a wonderful evening bringing back great memories

  4. Nikki Whatcott

    Judy still has it! Her voice is maybe a little thinner, but she hit her notes with the same grace and clarity that she had when I saw her some 30 years ago under the stars at Waterville Valley.

  5. Seth Zubik

    The show was a walk down memory lane. I was impressed with how long they played. We also enjoyed the opening act.

  6. Betsy Coblentz

    I sat to the right of the stage in Row G. It was as if I was watching the show in my living room. They are obviously good friends. They complimented each other. Judy Collins voice and Steven Stills guitar playing was a pleasure to witness. I saw music legends that appeared grateful for the enthusiasm and applause. A very good performance.

  7. Ardelle Clish

    The concert did not include their greatest hits and included too much new material. The sound system overpowered the facilities.

  8. Zofia Berteau

    Thought I would enjoy seeing these two legends. I kind of regretted attending the show. At times the music was brilliant. At other times stills seemed off, and the vocals of Stephen and Judy didn’t always seem to combine well. The solo political song by Collins was quite a negative for me, while I respect her opinion, I don’t think it was appropriate when some in the audience didn’t share her views.

  9. Carol Birkenmeier

    As much as I’d love to say that Stephen Stills still has it in his 70’s I can’t. He speaks as if his dentures don’t fit and thankfully his singing is overshadowed by Judy’s voice. The 1st 2 songs it didn’t even sound as if they could harmonize together. I was forewarned about Stills but thought I’d still attempt to see him since I had seen David Crosby 2 weeks prior. By the end of the show he seemed to get in the groove and then poof less than 2 hours later the show was over. Judy Collins on the other hand still has it going for her. I couldn’t see her crystal blue eyes from my seat but her voice is still pristine. Definitely worth going to see if you don’t spend a fortune on tickets

  10. Edgar Kasica

    Amazing concert, great venue. The sound at Santander in Reading PA was awesome. Collins and Stills — I love them.


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