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UB40 the British reggae/pop band will be performing live in their latest UB40 North American Tour 2018. The concert dates for the upcoming 2018 tour of the artist have been confirmed. The North American leg of the tour will commence from 27th July in the Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas, NV. The artist will be performing live across 5 cities of North America. The tour will see the band perform some of their best chartbuster tracks. The song list is expected to include popular tracks like ‘One In Ten’, ‘Higher Ground’, ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ etc. The tour will come to an end on 5th August in The Hudson Garden’s Event Centre, Littleton, CO. The concert tickets for the 2018 tour are available for sale. The fans are eager to watch their favorite artist perform live near them. They should check the concert dates and tickets availability and make their bookings in advance to watch the concert.

Upcoming concerts

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Date & TimeEventLocation
Sep 16, 2018
07:30 PM
UB40 Ali Campbell Astro & Mickey VirtueSeattle, USA
UB40Benaroya Hall - Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium 200 University Street 98111
Sep 28, 2018
07:00 PM
UB40Cleveland, USA
UB40Agora Theatre 5000 Euclid Avenue 44103
Sep 29, 2018
08:00 PM
UB40Waukegan, USA
UB40Genesee Theatre 203 N. Genesee St 60085
Sep 30, 2018
08:00 PM
UB40Minneapolis, USA
UB40Cabooze 917 Cedar Ave S 55404
Oct 2, 2018
08:00 PM
UB40Kansas City, USA
UB40The Crossroads 417 E 18th St 64108
Oct 4, 2018
09:00 PM
UB40Indianapolis, USA
UB40Vogue Theatre - IN 6259 N College Ave 46220
Oct 6, 2018
06:00 PM
UB40Roanoke, USA
UB40Dr. Pepper Park 24016
Oct 9, 2018
08:00 PM
UB40Oklahoma City, USA
UB40Tower Theatre - OK 73103
Oct 10, 2018
08:00 PM
UB40Dallas, USA
UB40Gas Monkey Live 10110 Technology Blvd 75220
Oct 12, 2018
09:00 PM
UB40New Orleans, USA
UB40House Of Blues - New Orleans 225 Decatur Street 70130
Oct 23, 2018
07:30 PM
UB40Norfolk, USA
UB40The Norva 317 Monticello Ave 23510
Oct 24, 2018
08:00 PM
UB40Raleigh, USA
UB40Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts - Raleigh Memorial Auditorium 500 Fayetteville Street Mall 27601
Oct 28, 2018
08:00 PM
UB40Wilmington, USA
UB40The Queen - Wilmington 500 N Market Street 19801
Oct 31, 2018
08:00 PM
UB40Brooklyn, USA
UB40Brooklyn Bowl - NY 61 Wythe Avenue 11211
Nov 1, 2018
08:00 PM
UB40Boston, USA
UB40Wilbur Theatre - MA 246 Tremont St 02116


UB40 are an English reggae and pop band, formed in December 1978 in Birmingham, England. The band have had more than 50 singles in the UK Singles Chart, and have also achieved considerable international success. They have been nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album four times, and in 1984 were nominated for the Brit Award for Best British Group. More...



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2013Getting Over the StormUniversal Music
2010Labour of Love IVVaru00e8se Fontana
2005Who You Fighting For?EMI
2002Cover UpEMI Music Distribution
2000AnansiRabbit Ears Video
1998Labour of Love IIIEMI
1998Presents the Dancehall AlbumEMI
1997Guns in the GhettoVirgin EMI
1993Promises and LiesVirgin
1989Labour of Love IIVirgin
1987UB40 CCCP: Live in MoscowA&M
1986Rat in the KitchenVirgin EMI
1984Geffery Morgan...EMI
1983More UB40 MusicGraduate
1983LiveVirgin EMI
1983Labour of LoveVirgin
1981Present Arms in DubVirgin
1981Present ArmsVirgin
1980Signing OffVirgin


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51 Responses to “UB40 Tour 2018 Tickets, Dates, Concerts”

  1. Elias Ploennigs

    Unforgettable night. I grew up listening to UB40. This is my second time seeing them in concert. They even came back on stage & played 4 more songs. Hawaii loves UB40!

  2. Thomas Fanner

    I am sooooo happy that the trio are together and performing the UB40 songs that I know and love. I’ve been following them for years and seen them several times. They are the ORIGINAL members and without them, you have nothing except that “other” UB40 band butchering their songs.

  3. Mellie Kenworthy

    They haven’t lost a step in all these years. Ali has the most unique, interesting voice and Astro is always very entertaining. Had a blast!!!

  4. Carla Cucinella

    I took my friend as a birthday gift, she enjoyed the concert immensely.
    We both did I love this group.

  5. Shandi Covotta

    Excellent venue, love the songs but wish they played more of what made them so popular here in the states. All songs from the Labour of Love album etc. Although we are all a little older from those days-the older songs are classics and encouraged many people to embrace “reggae” music. Ali could have dressed in something that looked like he cared to perform and not like just slept in his car all night and rolled on to the stage. I originally saw them in the 80″s when they had an orchestra playing on stage~and have been seeing them whenever in the states on the East Coast…even through the member changes. COME BACK SOON ORIGINAL MEMBERS!!!

  6. Jamie Dalla

    UB40 was great! they played all of their most popular songs and some new songs from their new album. The opening band “Radio Riddlers” was fantastic! The pretty much reggaefied the Purple Rain album from Prince. Great opener. They need me as their percussionist though. 🙂

  7. Octavio Blasingame

    UB40 put on a great show and played for a long time, but the sound system was terrible. We were in the 7th row, dead center , and we couldn’t understand their words or while singing or talking in between songs. It was almost as if their microphones were turned down too low or as if the sound was going over us!

  8. Shelia Mcquerry

    We flew to St Pete for this concert not realizing that the group had split and that the old and new groups were both touring. Fortunately this concert was the old group. The venue was a very nice theater so it was a little odd for this type of music, but the crowd got into it and it was a big dance party. The warm-up band, Radio Riddle, had everyone on their feet with their “Purple Rain” tribute. Ali Campbell has a very distinctive voice and Astro’s rapping was phenomenal. The band played a lot of their hits and the backup band was great. Overall it was worth the trip to hear and see this talented bunch.

  9. Cheri Bagnato

    High expectations dampened by overly loud, overly long warm-up band. NOISE!

  10. Ryan Hohstadt

    Best concert ever!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! From beginning to end. They sang perfectly, the music was vivid, the songs they picked were the best. I enjoyed the concert very much.

  11. Sha Schlueter

    The sound for the opening group was terrible. It was way too loud, so it sounded distorted. But then when UB40 came out, it sounded much better, because they actually tested the sound. Ali Campbell sounded exactly like he did 20 years ago! Although I was disappointed it wasn’t as long as I thought it would be because the cover band played for about 45 minutes before UB40 came out, it was so great to hear my favorite band live! I have loved their music since I was 7 years old!!! I can’t wait to see them when or if they come back to South Florida! It was nice to relax during the concert indoors, instead of sweating outside!

  12. Jessie Howells

    Ali Campbell and the band sounded like I was listening to a record. His sweet velvety voice is still amazing.

  13. Jonah Abraham

    Had a great time dancing in the pit to The Beat and UB40. Was funny to see the band and audience after 30 years. Some have aged better than others. Everyone seemed to have fun and didn’t see anyone collapse though there were some I was worried for on and off stage.

  14. Alita Sidbury

    UB40 thank you for such an amazing show. Couldn’t off asked for better. We had six people all together and we all had a blast at your show. Thank UB40 and thank you toastmasters for the great service.

  15. Frankie Bertin

    A dream come true! Flew in from Atlanta to fort laudardale to meet them, OMG! I had a great time. I just Hope next time they make to Atlanta Chastain Park on summer and let’s Reggae!

  16. Nestor Destina

    Not just an 80’s band! These are musical legends. Their artistic ability is phenomenal. Thank you for providing a memorable evening of hits and new releases that I will continue to enjoy for the next 20 years as I have remembered for the last 20 years.

  17. Elodia Klink

    It was a great experience. The come back was phenomenal.
    Of course the There is a Rat in My Kitchen, and all the other older songs took the bouquet.

  18. Miranda Saluan

    Been a long time coming… had a great time! I hope it’s not another 8 years before UB40 comes back to the USA! I’ve been a fan for 30+ years, and I’m not that old! Astro, Ali ad the boys sounded wonderful… My 2 kids were brought up on UB40 and they are great fans as well. When my daughter was 3, we were playing “Guilty” on the record player and she thought that UB40 was singing to her (I have it on video). She heard the lyrics,
    “Well hello baby
    Come sit down, make your self comfortable
    Tell me something, how long have we known each other?
    About ten months huh? ”
    She ran to the couch to sit down, thinking that she was being told to sit down. Hysterical!

  19. Tammi Feltus

    For a place (NJPAC) built to have excellent acoustical properties, the sound was plain bad. Way too much miking of the bass drum and the bass guitar for both the warm-up act and UB-40. Voices were muffled, mix didn’t allow the brass to cut through. Next, any band where members or a member comes out and seeks applause or adoration from the audience without first performing loses me and that’s just what happened. the taller guy with the sun glasses (I’m bad with names) seems virtually talent-less and looks like he’s out there to warm up the crowd. Next, the music of UB40. 1. Mix was terrible. 2. Very uninspired arrangements, no display of musicianship, improvisation, etc. 3. Even though a fan, did not recognize over 75% o f songs played in set. Many favorites such as ‘That Girl’, ‘The Way You Do the Things You Do,’ ‘The Way You Do the Things You Do,’ were not on the set list. 4. Compared to some smaller venues in NJ (e.g. MPCA in Morristown, NJ) production values of entire show lacking.

  20. Dennis Guyton

    Over all I would recommend seeing this concert because I love UB40 & they put on an awesome show to get you up on your feet.

  21. Colton Bunck

    I grew up listening to UB40 and I have seen them live before a few times back in the day. It was great to see that 3 original main members still got it going on.

  22. Iona Longmore

    UB 40 ok. vocals ok
    radio riddler bad.horrible language

  23. Omega Retamar

    They sound great, and all the songs they played were amazing.
    The show was so great in St Petersburg, so I grabbed a last minute ticket when I got back to Orlando. Then I drove from Orlando to Ft Lauderdale on Saturday to see them again!
    The warm up band Radio River is also very good!

  24. Tad Taccetta

    The UB40 show was better than I expected. Having the original members together again makes a huge difference. It’s a big improvement over the show from 2013.

  25. Eusebia Diana

    First time and I really enjoy it!…I always loved their music.

  26. Justin Wohlenhaus

    The opening act started early, but I enjoyed what I heard. UB40 took to the stage and electrified the crowd. They maintained a high energy performance throughout the show. It was an enjoyable night. The band sounded great too. I would recommend the show.

  27. Billie Ellerman

    Saw them back in October and forgot to memorialize the event with a review. Longtime fan for the past 35 years. The show was the finest in reggae theatre. All the hits. Yes, of course, they played Red, Red Wine (can you believe Neil Diamond wrote that?). Opening act did reggae versions of Prince. Yes.

  28. Vicente Portsche

    Ali,Astro and Mickey were incredible. The music, vocals and ability to connect with an audience was perfect. All of the musicians were very talented and blended the music for an unforgettable sound. My wife and I stood for the entire concert,You could not be there without moving to the music. I have never seen a harder working band! We met people who came from Wales{via Chattanooga TN} and one guy who rode his motorcycle from Canada to attend the concert. Thank you guys for working so hard to bring timeless music to your fans. AMAZING!

  29. Royal Dukart

    The show was amazing, awesome. Felt like doing it all over again when it was over. Exceeds my expectations!!!

  30. Collin Paveglio

    The show in Saint Petersburg was so exceptional that I drove to Fort Lauderdale to see them the next day! They are so amazing it was worth the trip to see them again, what a great weekend!

  31. Rory Karimi

    After 30+years the sound and voices are still magic. Over 2 hours of old and new hits….you felt how much they enjoyed being back on stage. The support band was amazing as well, particularly the brass section. Acoustic at the venue was excellent, clearly understood lyrics.

  32. Everette Defouw

    UB40 was great!! They put on an amazing show! The audience was engaged and everyone had fun. They played all the favorites too!

  33. Albertha Morga

    Great venue! Not a bad seat in the house!

  34. Perry Lilly

    Well like some others I walked out of the concert and went home. The audio was just not good. Doubt if it was the Au Rene theater – no one would go to concerts there. Did UB40 use their own sound equipment or the theater’s?? They must have done a sound check though!?
    It wasn’t even very loud. I walked to several areas in the theater to see if it was my seat but nowhere did it sound good.
    It wasn’t just me, I spoke to several people outside who were also leaving appalled at the audio.

  35. Melani Dilley

    Been waiting for 10 years to see these guy and it was all that very enjoyible

  36. Luis Kichline

    An excellent show and I couldn’t believe how affordable it was. They played all the old stuff and some from their new album. I did the meet & greet for the price of nosebleed seats at most concerts.

  37. Marceline Dacey

    UB40 has been around since the late 70’s. They are still one of the best at this type of Island music.. Put them on your bucket list of bands to see live. Just alot of fun.

  38. Kala Karcher

    Ub40 was great. Got to do the meet and greet. If you get the chance to meet them, they are are so nice. The show started with the hits and new stuff from the album. They had the crud up on the feet the whole night. I hope they come back to Ohio.

  39. Donny Rusche

    So Glad we went to see UB40 with Ali Campbell, Astro & Mickey Virture, their style of horn infused Reggae never gets old! Ali still sounds amazing and the crowd was standing and dancing from the opening song until the Red Red Wine Finale!

  40. Marita Quirarte

    This was one of the best shows; i’ve seen lately!!!! Great music and venue!!!! must see!!!!

  41. Bethanie Alcock

    I grew up listening to them for so long I was very excited to finally see them here in the US. The music was so great and beautiful I did not sit down the whole entire concert it was that good!!! Ali,Astro and Mickey are the original founding members of the band and they’re still going strong after all these years.They sang all the classic songs that we love and it was so much fun hearing the crowd sing along to each and every tune. I really hope they return to the states because I would not hesitate seeing them again.

  42. Jetta Hern

    We feel so fortunate for having had the chance to see Ali Campbell and the legends of UB40 live. Ali belted out the songs with his voice that sounds as great as ever. MIckey and Astro are as playful as can be and still know how to entertain the crowd. Their sound is pleasant, pleasing and modern. Loved it!!

  43. Burl Ruhenkamp

    Still got it going on!!! Too bad they claim this to be the end of their legacy….live on UB40

  44. Gary Yonts

    Eleven musicians on stage!
    The performance was solid.

  45. Dorthey Vanvalkenburg

    From the moment they came on stage…pushing out “Here I am…come and take me..here am baby…take me by the hand”, to the closing number…”Red red wine…you make me feel so fine…you keep me rockin’ all of the time”, UB40 indeed rocked the house with their lovely rockin’ rollin’ reggae beat…

  46. Adam Spare

    UB40 redacted…

  47. Clifton Hallick

    Ali Campbell & Astro ARE UB40. So glad I was able to catch this concert. And to top it off, got a chance to see The English Beat. Amazing performances. Please come back soon!!

  48. Theodore Branan

    Great band, if you are into the 80’s music this is a band to see.

  49. Johnson Sulton

    A totally, thoroughly up-beat satisfyingly fabulous night with hit after hit coming at you! Ali Campbell’s voice is sounding better than ever and Astro was absolutely entertaining! We had a blast!!! Fun, FUN, FUN!!! And what a treat to finally see Astro in person rather than in video clips on the screen!

  50. Houston Genetti

    Performance was outstanding…..best concert I’ve been to in a long time…..loved every minute of it

  51. Cornell Schellhorn

    UB40 put on a great show… venue was fine, too.. all good!


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